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Volume 17 Issue 2

August 1989


Self-monitoring and locus of control as determinants of social interaction: A preliminary investigation PDF
P. Nicholas Hamid (City University of Hong Kong) 125-134
An investigation of romantic jealousy among black undergraduates PDF
Everton G. McIntosh (Alabama A & M University) 135-142
Television violence and aggression: A genotype-environment correlation and interaction theory PDF
Richard Lynn (University of Ulster at Coleraine), Susan Hampson (University of Ulster at Coleraine), Edwina Agahi (University of Ulster at Coleraine) 143-164
PMS and the workplace PDF
Antoinette S. Phillips (Louisiana State University), Arthur G. Bedeian (Louisiana State University) 165-174
Repression-sensitization and multidimensional locus of control PDF
Anton De Man (Bishop's University), Lucie Lemay Ratti (Bishop's University) 175-180
Sex role complementarity in job stereotypy PDF
Esther J. Koenig (New York City Department of Personnel) 181-192
The effects of sex of subject, sex and attractiveness of photo on facial recognition PDF
Agatha White Carroo (North Carolina Central University), R. Mozingo (North Carolina Central University) 193-198
College students' perception of AIDS victims PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Francine Reynolds (East Tennessee State University), Michael Carrico (East Tennessee State University) 199-204
Intelligence, gender, social maturity, and school readiness in Dutch first-graders PDF
Huub Angenent (Rijksuniversiteit to Groningen), Anton De Man (Bishop's University) 205-210
Black adolescents' significant others PDF
Anne McCreary Juhasz (Loyola University of Chicago) 211-214
Androgyny and openness to experience in a Chinese population PDF
Ivy Hong (University of London), John Rust (University of London) 215-218
Communicator credibility: Trustworthiness defeats expertness PDF
Louisa Lui (Bishop's University), Lionel Standing (Bishop's University) 219-222
Models for student drinking and smoking: Parents or peers? PDF
Lionel Standing (Bishop's University), Bruce Nicholson (Bishop's University) 223-230
Distinguishing attributions of causality, moral responsibility, and blame: Perceivers' evaluations of the attributions PDF
Brad E. Bell (Rockford College) 231-236
Effects of child interview method on accuracy and completeness of sexual abuse information recall PDF
Claudia A. Edwards (University of Miami), Bruce D. Forman (University of Miami) 237-248