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We have a variety of subscription options available so that universities, institutions, and individual scholars and practitioners can take advantage of the wealth of research recorded in the pages of Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal (SBP Journal). Over the last 46 years, we have provided the academic community with thousands of research papers spanning the areas of personality, social and family relationships, health, education, organizational behavior, and more. What will you find to benefit your latest managerial strategies or scholarly endeavors? We invite you to find out; subscribe today to SBP Journal to open our archives of global research.

Institutional Subscriptions

With one subscription, provide access for your faculty and students to the latest SBP Journal articles, as well as the thousands of works included in our archives (1973–present). Perpetual access is guaranteed for the life of the companies concerned through our own website and through IngentaConnect for the year(s) covered by an active subscription.

Institutional subscriptions do not require a login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to our content.

Annual Institutional print and electronic
One-year subscription for print copies and Internet access via IP domains. Online access for the duration of the subscription only.
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1 year
1749.00 (USD)
Annual institutional electronic only
One-year subscription for Internet access via IP domains. Online access for the duration of the subscription only.
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Free Trial
Free Trial for Institutions
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Individual Subscriptions

Are you an individual researcher, scholar, or psychology practitioner who wants all the benefits of a full institutional subscription? These are available for varying lengths of time, from a month (US $49) to a year (US $299), and are accessed with a private log-in. Email to activate your subscription now.

Print Back Issues

Interested in purchasing just one or two issues of SBP, or a full volume from our backcatalog? Perhaps you’d like to showcase an article you’ve published or complete a collection of issues from a particular year. Print back issues and volumes published in the last 12 months are available for purchase at the year of publication’s rate, and we also have limited quantities available from earlier years that are priced at $35 per issue or $300 per volume (worldwide postage included). Write to inquire about current stock levels.