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Past Staff Picks

March 2020: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – How spiritual leadership contributes to followers’ helping behavior

February 2020: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Effects of online service failure on customers’ intentions to complain online

January 2020: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Using a computer scoring system to correlate stress response and indicators in the Draw-a-Person-in-the-Rain Test

November 2020: Francisco Ángel (IT Assistant) – Brand image and customer loyalty: Transmitting roles of cognitive and affective brand trust

October 2020: Leisha Gomez (Editorial Assistant) – Impact of night markets on residents’ quality of life

August 2020: Sarah Krivan (Copyeditor) – Specificity of performance appraisal feedback, trust in manager, and job attitudes: A serial mediation model

June 2020: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Nudging: The unexpected impact on observers’ inference of donors’ prosocial behavior

May 2020: Sarah Krivan (Copyeditor) – Conformity behavior during a fire disaster

April 2020: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Prevalence of imaginary companions in Chinese children aged 4 to 6 years

February 2020: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Effects of attributions and social media exposure on obesity stigma among Korean adolescents

January 2020: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Creating mandalas reduces social anxiety in college students

November 2019: Patricia Prince (Operations Assistant) –Gratitude, positive emotion, and satisfaction with life: A test of mediated effect

October 2019: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Exploring the relationship between green packaging design, green trust, and green brand attachment

August 2019: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Who am I? Migrant workers’ bicultural identity integration, social support, and social maladjustment

July 2019: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Understanding technology adoption behavior by older adults

May 2019: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Determinants of young vacationers’ recycling and conservation behavior when traveling

April 2019: Julie O'Brien (Copyeditor) – Emotional intelligence and subjective well-being: Altruistic behavior as a mediator

February 2019: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Reluctant to speak?  The impact of supervisor narcissism on employee prohibitive voice

January 2019: Lily Jia (Publications Assistant) – Thinness = beauty: Factors that influence women’s cognitive bias toward weight loss

December 2018: Noé Cruz (Marketing Manager) – Loyal customer behaviors: Identifying brand fans

November 2018: Julie O'Brien (Copyeditor) – Gratitude and happiness: Development of a measure of gratitude and relationships with subjective well-being

September 2018: Sarah Krivan (Copyeditor) – Internet altruistic behavior and subjective well-being: Self-efficacy as a mediator

August 2018: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – How workplace fun influences employees’ performance: The role of person–organization value congruence

June 2018: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – The mindful self-leader: Investigating the relationships between self-leadership and mindfulness

May 2018: Noé Cruz (Marketing Manager) – Enhancing interpersonal communication: Positive mood effectssatisfaction

March 2018: Julie O'Brien (Copyeditor) – Predictive effects of subjective happiness, forgiveness, and rumination on life satisfaction

February 2018: Katharine Samuel  (Copyeditor) – User satisfaction and loyalty in a public library setting

December 2017: Fancho (Martin) Meng (Chinese Translator) –Depression, suicidal ideation, and knowledge of suicidal behavior among Chinese university freshman

November 2017: Emily Duncan  (Copyeditor) – Implicit and explicit attitudes of Chinese youth toward the second-generation rich 

September 2017: Katharine Samuel  (Copyeditor) – No moral qualms about transactional sex? Materialism and 

August 2017: Julie O'Brien (Copyeditor) – Better possible self or better other? Gender affects who is more inspirational 

June 2017: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Internet use of consumers aged 40 and over: Factors that influence full adoption  

May 2017: Patricia Prince (Operations Assistant) – Effects of compassion on employees' self-regulation

March 2017: Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Sociable people beware? Investigating smartphone versus nonsmartphone dependency symptoms among young Singaporeans  

January 2017: Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – The impact of product regret on repurchase intention

November 2016: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Effects of gender stereotypes on performance in mathematics: A serial multivariable mediation model

September 2016: Fancho (Martin) Meng (Chinese Translator) – Work values and career adaptability of Chinese university students

July 2016: Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – The impact of family functioning and mental health condition on the child’s behavioral problems  

May 2016: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Gender, gender role, and creativity 

March 2016Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Adolescents’ participation in sport activities and attachment to parents and peers

January 2016: Allana Cruz (Editorial Assistant) – Face attractiveness in building trust: Evidence from measurement of implicit and explicit responses

November 2015Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Effects of peer consumption on hedonic purchase decisions

September 2015Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Effect of gratitude on loneliness of Chinese college students: Social support as a mediator

July 2015Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Do personal resources influence health-related quality of life for people receiving hemodialysis treatment in Latin America?

May 2015Suzi Brown (IT Manager)  – Impact of gratitude on resource development and emotional well-being

March 2015Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Determinants of the proenvironmental consumption behavior of Chinese rural residents

January 2015Sarah Krivan (Copyeditor) – Gender differences and color: Content and emotion of written descriptions

September 2014Katharine Samuel (Copyeditor) – Effects of an integrated Olympic education program on adolescent athlete’s values and sport behavior

July 2014Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Peer attachment and loneliness among adolescents who are deaf: The moderating effect of personality

May 2014: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – Mediating effect of social support on the relationship between self-evaluation and depression

April 2014Sarah Krivan (Copyeditor) – The sweet smell...of coldness: Vanilla and the warm–cold effect

March 2014: Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Exploring the development of perfectionism: The influence of parenting style and gender

January 2014: Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Effect of belief in a just world on daily living activities of nursing home residents

November 2013: Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Effects of culture and social cynicism on anxious attachment transference from mother to partner

September 2013: Suzi Brown (IT Manager) – The relationship between personality traits and social media use 

June 2013Emily Duncan (Copyeditor) – Anger, coping, and quality of life in female cancer patients

April 2013Lesley Aitken (Copyeditor) – Young South African adults’ perceptions of parental psychological control and antisocial behavior

February 2013Suzi Brown (IT ManagerLoneliness of people with physical disabilities