Impact of night markets on residents’ quality of life
Hao-Kai Hung and Chang-Che Wu (Yango University), 2020, 48(8), e8316.

Who of us doesn’t love a night market? Personally, I love strolling around, enjoying the different foods and drinks and, ultimately, getting to know the culture of an area. But do we ever stop and think about the impact these markets have on local residents? Do night markets affect their quality of life? And if so, is it for better or worse? 

In this study, Hung and Wu focused on a night market in Taiwan. The study showed that most groups value the markets, because the benefits they bring outweigh any associated costs or nuisances. The energy and convenience appealed to many of the respondents. And some participants even mentioned that the night market had eliminated the loneliness of living in a large city.

I found it interesting however that the individuals in one group did not enjoy living in the night market at all and found that their quality of life was severely affected. The authors suggest that weak neighborhood relationships and the challenge of developing empathy could explain why these residents viewed the night market entirely negatively. On the basis of these findings, the authors propose strengthening community networks and increasing government planning and regulation to improve the experience for residents living near the night market. 

I found this article very interesting; it will certainly make me think, the next time I take a stroll around a night market, Is my being here adding to or taking away from the quality of life of its local residents?

Leisha Gomez | Editorial Assistant
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal