Enhancing interpersonal communication: Positive mood effects
Donna Webster Nelson (Winthrop University) 2016, 44(9), 1535–1540

When I was at school, a good teacher once told me, When you want to make sure your message is understood, rather than saying, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”, a better question to ask is, “Am I making myself clear?”. I thought this was interesting coming from someone who had to make himself clear to 50 or more people in one room! Communication is a complex process and, at times, you can become discouraged thinking that no one is getting what you really mean. If only there was a way to improve the way you convey your ideas! 

When I came across this article by Donna Webster Nelson, I found the content very interesting and practical. Nelson suggests that effective interpersonal communication depends to some extent on the positive mood of the communicator. It is no secret that when you are in a good mood, you feel more inclined to express yourself, such as when you enjoy a nice conversation with your friends. But how can a positive mood improve your communication skills?

This study provides insights into the benefits of positive affect, from fostering creativity to facilitating social problem solving. The focus, though, is on the effects in communication. Nelson states that a positive mood can prevent social misunderstandings and can help people from different backgrounds relate to one another more effectively. Even better message construction can result from a better mood! 

So, being in a positive mood seems to be a way to improve communication. This can really help in situations when you need to convey a message to a large crowd or even when having to say something important to a close friend or relative. Whatever the case, what I take from this research is to remember to stay calm, relaxed, and positive when interacting with other people. 

Noé Cruz | Marketing Manager
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal