Exploring the relationship between green packaging design, green trust, and green brand attachment
Yi-Chun Yang (City University of Macau) and Xin Zhao (Hainan Tropical Ocean University), 2019, 47(8), e8181. 

Watching a neighbor recently as she struggled downstairs with arms full of cardboard and polystyrene, I was reminded of this article. Obviously she had purchased a new television or similar appliance and now had to find room to store the packaging or a suitable means of disposing of it.

From my editing of the above article I learnt that green packaging design plays an important role in determining green trust, which enhances green brand attachment. Do we consider this trail of “greenness” when making a purchase, or is the process subliminal? Packaging can be described as a product’s outerwear, displaying the content, characteristics, and attractiveness of the product. It is a marketing tool to persuade us to buy the product. Being “green” means the packaging is designed with ecological awareness, giving environmental protection in terms of the materials used, the process of production, the safety and convenience, and the recyclable nature of the packaging. To what degree does the packaging actually determine which product we choose?

I wonder about the carbon footprint of green packaging. Have we been caught in an ironic trap of using more time, energy, and resources to design and produce greener packaging?

Despite the fact that many countries have adopted legislation to restrict the overpackaging of goods, it seems to me that the marketing aspect of packaging predominates, and the convenience and ease of recycling is somewhat further down the list. As did my neighbor, how often do we struggle with the disposal of packaging? How often do we curse the difficulty of opening packaging? Whatever happened to a simple paper bag?

There seem to be so many factors involved in the whole packaging question. To quote an old friend, Kermit, “It isn’t easy being green!”

Lesley Aitken | Copyeditor
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal