The relationship between personality traits and social media use
Nihan Özgüven (Dokuz Eylul University), and Burcu Mucan (Dumlupınar University), 2013, 41(3), 517–528

I found this article fascinating on several levels. I personally find that social networking sites can contain a wealth of valuable information on a particular subject or they can be simply people sharing their day to day lives.

I am interested to see how social networking grows in the future, whether a bigger division develops between business and personal social media pages, and how these groups interact with each other.

I was astonished at the average amount of time young people spend communicating through social media sites (see Results section), and although the Internet has bought the world closer in many ways it will be useful to see ongoing research into what happens to human interaction as a result of social media communication.

The authors here found that the variables of life satisfaction, openness to experience, conscientiousness, education, and income level each had a significant relationship with social media use. They added to the literature suggesting that personality does have a connection to social media – a topic that will no doubt be explored at length in future research!

Suzi Brown | IT Manager
Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal