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Volume 10 Issue 1

February 1982


Swimming upstream against the fundamental attribution error: Subjects' weak generalizations from the Darley and Batson Study PDF
P. R. Pietromonaco (University of Michigan), Richard Nisbett (University of Michigan) 1-4
Mood and expected achievement PDF
Lennart Sjoberg (University of Göteborg), Erland Svensson (University of Göteborg), Lars-Olof Persson (University of Göteborg) 5-10
The behavioral effects of father absence on children and their mothers PDF
E. Doyle McCarthy (Fordham University), Joanne Gersten (Arizona State University), Thomas Langer (Columbia University) 11-24
Sociological conceptions of personality PDF
Joseph Ventimiglia (Memphis State University), Gordon J. Di Renzo (University of Delaware) 25-38
Anal erotism and anal characterology PDF
Samuel Juni (New York University) 39-40
The role of depression, attributions, and sex in relation to negative arousal in problematic social situations PDF
James F. Calhoun (University of Georgia), Stephen Stafford (University of Georgia), Robert Moss (University of Georgia) 41-46
Intrinsic motivation and performance standards PDF
David McMullin (University of Cincinnati), John J. Steffen (University of Cincinnati) 47-56
Control and belief in the just world: What's good also can be bad PDF
Richard A. Feinberg (Purdue University), Amy Powell (Purdue University), Franklin Miller (Purdue University) 57-62
Humor preference as a function of preoedipal fixation PDF
Samuel Juni (New York University) 63-64
The appropriateness of situational disclosures and the perceptions of interpersonal attraction and adjustment PDF
Paul C. Winum (University of Notre Dame), Paul G. Banikiotes (University of Notre Dame), Greg J. Neimeyer (University of Notre Dame) 65-68
Helping behavior: Effects of sex and self-typing PDF
Susan Basow (Lafayette College), Donna Crawley (Cornell University) 69-72
The role of depression and sex differences in attributions related to problematic social situations PDF
James F. Calhoun (University of Georgia), Rafael Paralade (University of Georgia), Robert Moss (University of Georgia) 73-76
Interpersonal correlates of Fromm's Character Types PDF
Gib Akin (University of Virginia) 77-82
Variables associated with male and female chronic zoophilia PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College), Maurice Rowan (Kennedy-King College) 83-88
The effects of self-preoccupation on task performance and interpersonal perception PDF
David Williams (University of Richmond), Matt E. Jaremko (University of Richmond) 89-96
Crisis communications: Ethnic differentials in interpreting and acting on disaster warnings PDF
Ronald W. Perry (Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers), Michael Lindell (Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers), Marjorie Greene (Battelle Human Affairs Research Centers) 97-104
Attribution and distribution: The weight of performance, effort, and ability in the allocation of jointly attained gains and losses PDF
Egon Kayser (Universität Mannheim), Helmut Lamm (Universität Köln) 105-116