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Volume 12 Issue 1

February 1984


Attraction to a group as a function of attitude similarity and geographic distance PDF
John M. Davis (Southwest Texas State University) 1-6
The sociability aspect of extraversion as a situation-specific dimension PDF
Shaul Fox (Bar-Ilan University) 7-10
A reconciliation of the Freudian and humanistic/transpersonal views of human nature PDF
Joseph H. Pearl (Oklahoma State University) 11-16
The permeability of territorial space: Some evidence from military warfare PDF
Robert M. Khoury (Indiana University at Indianapolis) 17-22
Inferred adult personality as a function of sex and sex-role behavior in childhood PDF
Steven J. Gilbert (State University of New York), Lin Stephan (The Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital) 23-28
Collegiate athletic success and alumni generosity: Dispelling the myth PDF
John F. Gaski (University of Notre Dame), Michael Etzel (University of Notre Dame) 29-38
The applicability of the empathic set effect to modify perceptions of domestic violence PDF
Stephen Skiffington (University of Georgia), James Parker (University of Georgia), Deborah Richardson (University of Georgia), James F. Calhoun (University of Georgia) 39-44
Cross-cultural comparison of personality: Greek children and English children PDF
Sybil B. G. Eysenck (Institute of Psychiatry), E. Dimitriou (Aristotelian University) 45-54
An attempt to identify the personality dimensions of the violent offender PDF
D. M. Romney (The University of Calgary), K. Syverson (Queen's University) 55-60
Job-related perceptions of male and female government, industrial, and public accountants PDF
John Touliatos (Texas Christian University), Arthur G. Bedeian (Auburn University), Kevin Mossholder (Auburn University), Arnold I. Barkman (Texas Christian University) 61-68
Sports penalties: An alternative means of measuring aggression PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Audrey Russell (University of Lethbridge) 69-74
Social learning versus attributional interpretations: The effect of task familiarity on task performance perceptions and future success expectancies PDF
Rodney G. Triplet (Middlebury College), Ellen S. Cohn (University of New Hampshire) 75-84
Father-son inter-generational transmission of authoritarian paternal attitudes PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College), Jo Ann Statum (Illinois Benedictine College) 85-90
Attitudes of Nigerian college students towards fundamental human rights PDF
E. O. Atolagbe (University of Ibadan), Femi Otubanjo (University of Ibadan) 91-96
Person perception change, its possibilities for clinical application PDF
Mark Frazier (University of Georgia), Ray Parlade (University of Georgia), James F. Calhoun (University of Georgia), Tony Strickland (University of Georgia) 97-102
Reactions to eye contact initiated by physically attractive and unattractive men and women PDF
Marilyn Rall (Brooklyn College of the City University of New York), Abbie Greenspan (Brooklyn College), Ellen Neidich (Brooklyn College) 103-110