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Volume 45 Issue 3

April 2017


Interaction of rater and context in ethicality evaluation PDF
Yanling Chen (Tsinghua University), Xiaoye May Wang (Tsinghua University) 353-368
Structuring leadership and team creativity: The mediating role of team innovation climate PDF
Guanxiong Pei (Zhejiang University) 369-376
Effects of transformational and shared leadership styles on employees’ perception of team effectiveness PDF
Suk Bong Choi (Korea University), Kihwan Kim (Kean University), Seung-Wan Kang (Gachon University) 377-386
Cross-level relationships between justice climate and organizational citizenship behavior: Perceived organizational support as mediator PDF
Li Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology), Yang Qiu (Harbin Institute of Technology), Eryue Teng (Harbin Institute of Technology) 387-398
Impact on presenteeism of the conscientiousness trait: A health sector case study PDF
Harun Yıldız (Kafkas University), Bora Yıldız (İstanbul University), Cemal Zehir (Yıldız Technical University), Erkut Altındağ (Beykent University), Vedat Moloğlu (İstanbul Aydın University), Hakan Kitapçı (Gebze Technical University) 399-412
How multinational corporations can utilize corporate social responsibility PDF
Songmi Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Han-Suk Lee (Sangmyung University), Minjung Roh (Ajou University) 413-426
Implicit and explicit attitudes of Chinese youth toward the second-generation rich PDF
Yuanyan Hu (Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences), Najam ul Hasan Abbasi (International Islamic University, Islamabad and University of Sindh), Shuang Wang (Soochow University), Yao Zhou (Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences), Ting Yang (Nanchang Normal University), Yang Zhang (Soochow University) 427-440
Challenge–hindrance stress and academic achievement: Proactive personality as moderator PDF
Yu Zhu (Jinan University), Wei He (Indiana State University), Yanfei Wang (South China University of Technology) 441-452
Effects of skepticism about corporate social responsibility advertising on consumer attitude PDF
Chao-Ming Yang (Ming Chi University of Technology), Tzu-Fan Hsu (Chung Yuan Christian University) 453-468
Effect of self-efficacy in stereotype activation PDF
Pei Wang (Nanjing Normal University and Shanghai Normal University), Pei Zhou (Shanghai Normal University), Cheng-Hao Tan (Shanghai Normal University), Peng-Cheng Zhang (Nantong University) 469-476
Development of the Teacher Leadership Style Scale PDF
Kuan Chen Tsai (City University of Macau) 477-490
Interactive effects of perceived social exclusion and self-construal on recycling behavior PDF
Ning Zhou (Beihang University), Jinsong Huang (Beihang University), Tao Wei (Beihang University) 491-504
Testing the factorial invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale across Chinese adolescents PDF
Daoyang Wang (Beijing Normal University and Anhui Normal University), Mingming Hu (Beijing Normal University), Qinfang Xu (Beijing Normal University and Nanjing Normal University of Special Education) 505-516
Priorities and preferences for collegiate athletic goals and processes in South Korea PDF
Weisheng Chiu (Keimyung University), Jung-Sup Bae (Yonsei University), Kwang-Yong Lee (Yonsei University), Doyeon Won (Liverpool John Moores University) 517-528