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Volume 9 Issue 2

August 1981


Future time orientation, social class and anomia PDF
Fredrick Koenig (Tulane University), William Swanson (Tulane University), Carl Harter (Tulane University) 123-128
The social context of modeling PDF
Jon E. Walker (University of Hartford) 129-138
Safety need resolution and cognitive ability as interwoven antecedents to moral development PDF
Logan Green (University of Kentucky) 139-146
Authoritarianism revisited: Evidence for an aggression factor PDF
David Raden (Purdue University Calumet) 147-154
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: II. Machiavellianism and achievement motivation in business PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College London) 155-158
The effects of verbal pain stimuli on the behavior of children PDF
Richard A. Dubanoski (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Abe Tokioka (University of Hawaii) 159-162
Effects of age of benefactor, attractiveness of the recipient, and recipients' need for assistance on prosocial behavior in children's dyads PDF
Carole Tabor (University of Georgia), David R. Shaffer (University of Georgia) 163-170
Embarrassment in dyadic interaction PDF
Robert J. Edelmann (Birkbeck College), Sarah Hampson (Birkbeck College, University of London) 171-178
Self-disclosure and liking during initial encounters: An attributional approach PDF
Jerry M. Burger (Wake Forest University) 179-184
The status of arousal in recent social facilitation literature: A review and evaluation of assumptions implied by the current research model PDF
T. J. Kushnir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 185-190
Role playing, issue importance, and attitude change PDF
Gian Sarup (Northern Illinois University) 191-202
Research on positive and negative social behavior PDF
Lauren Wispe (University of Oklahoma) 203-210
Self-esteem and sharing in fourth-grade children PDF
Shirley Miller (Southwest Texas State University), Harvey J. Ginsburg (Southwest Texas State University), Sharon Rogow (Southwest Texas State University) 211-212
Polarization of response as a function of cognitive tuning set and individual differences PDF
J. M. Innes (University of Adelaide) 213-218
Measuring self-stability: A methodological note PDF
Tak-Sing Cheung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 219-222
Good news or bad news first? PDF
Linda Marshall (Boston University), Robert M. Kidd (Boston University) 223-226
A theoretical-historical approach to black lynching PDF
Peter O. Peretti (Kennedy-King College), Deborah Singletary (Kennedy-King College) 227-230
The golden section: A conventional ideal? PDF
Edward Pomeroy (Brock University), John G. Benjafield (Brock University), Chris Rowntree (Brock University), Joanne Kuiack (Brock University) 231-234
Justice norms in allocation decisions: Need consideration as a function of resource adequacy for complete need satisfaction. recipients' contributions, and recipients' interpersonal attraction PDF
Thomas Schwinger (Universitat Mannheim), Helmut Lamm (Universitat Köln) 235-242