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Volume 39 Issue 1

February 2011


Editorial Note from Dr. Robert A. C. Stewart PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Editor: Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal) 1-2
Culture and self-deception: A theoretical perspective PDF
Harry Triandis (University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana) 3-14
Subjective evaluation of mental fatigue and characteristics of attention during a driving simulation PDF
Yan Zhang (Fourth Military Medical University), Jingjing Gong (Beijing Military General Hospital), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University), Xia Zhu (Fourth Military Medical University), Yebing Yang (Fourth Military Medical University) 15-20
Job stress and job performance among employees in the Taiwanese finance sector: The role of emotional intelligence PDF
Yu-Chi Wu (National University of Kaohsiung) 21-32
The prosocial and moral character of the spiritual leader PDF
Yueh-Chuen Huang (National Taichung Institute of Technology), Hui-Chuan Shih (National Taichung Institute of Technology) 33-40
Gender differences in statistics anxiety among graduate students learning English as a foreign language PDF
Tsung-yuan Hsiao (National Taiwan Ocean University), Steve Chiang (National Taiwan Ocean University) 41-42
University staff performance evaluation systems, organizational learning, and organizational identification in Taiwan PDF
Hsing-Kuo Wang (National Quemoy University), Jung-Feng Tseng (National Yat-sen University), Yu-Fang Yen (National Quemoy University), Ing-Chung Huang (National Kaohsiung University) 43-54
Are the Shau people in Taiwan of Dutch descent? PDF
Chin Jung Tu (National United University), Bi-Kun Tsai (National Chung-Hsing University), Shu-Chun Chang (National Chung-Hsing University) 55-64
Using the technology acceptance model to analyze ease of use of a mobile communication system PDF
Chih-Chiang Wang (National Penghu University), Chih-Yung Tsai (National Penghu University), Ming-Te Lu (National Normal Kaohsiung University) 65-70
The effects of online reviews on purchasing intention: The moderating role of need for cognition PDF
Chin-Lung Lin (National Central University), Sheng-Hsien Lee (Yu Da University), Der-Juinn Horng (National Central University) 71-82
The effects of social support on revisiting intention of people from minority groups PDF
Chih-Wen Ting (Nanhua University), Miao-Sheng Chen (Nanhua University), Fang-Chi Huang (Nanhua University and Transworld University) 83-90
Teachers’ perceptions of self-efficacy, English proficiency, and instructional strategies PDF
Cevdet Yilmaz (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University) 91-100
The relationship between test anxiety and learned helplessness PDF
Figen Akca (Aksaray University) 101-112
The effects of regulatory focus and bundle-pricing framing on consumers’ perceptions of loss PDF
Chien-Huang Lin (National Central University), Chi-Wen Huang (National Central University) 113-118
Not only item content but also item formats is important: Taxonomizing item format approaches PDF
John F. Rauthmann (Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck) 119-128
Children who work in the street in Izmir, Turkey PDF
Hatice Bal Yilmaz (Ege University), Seyda Dulgerler (Ege University) 129-144