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Volume 38 Issue 7

August 2010


The mediating effects of team efficacy on the relationship between a transactive memory system and team performance PDF
Bangcheng Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai), Zhi Zang (Zhejiang University) 865-870
Chinese employees’ work values and turnover intentions in multinational companies: The mediating effect of pay satisfaction PDF
Christina Yu-Ping Wang (National Dong Hwa University), Mei-Huei Chen (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Bill Hyde (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Lillian Hsieh (Transcend Informations Inc.) 871-894
Performance evaluation criteria for personal trainers: An analytical hierarchy process approach PDF
Wen-Yu Chiu (Chang Jung Christian University), Yuan-Duen Lee (Chang Jung Christian University), Tsai-Yuan Lin (Chang Jung Christian University) 895-906
Multidimensionality and hierarchical structure of the English vocabulary learning attitude scale PDF
Wen-Ta Tseng (National Taiwan Normal University) 907-918
Implicit positive emotion counteracts ego depletion PDF
Jun Ren (Zhejiang Normal University), Lingyun Hu (Zhejiang Normal University), Hongying Zhang (Zhejiang Normal University), Zihui Huang (Zhejiang Normal University) 919-928
Local political trust: The antecedents and effects on earthquake victims’ choice for allocation of resources PDF
Qi Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Erping Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 929-940
Turkish and Finnish trainee elementary teachers’ beliefs about the teaching styles of university teaching staff PDF
Nese Tertemiz (Gazi University) 941-954
Earnings management types and motivation: A study in Taiwan PDF
Ming-Chia Chen (Ming-Dao University), Yuan-Cheng Tsai (Overseas Chinese University) 955-962
The relationships among employees’ job stress, job satisfaction, and the organizational performance of Hamadan urban health centers PDF
Yadollah Hamidi (Hamadan University of Medical Sciences), Zahra Eivazi (Hamadan University of Medical Sciences) 963-968
Examining psychosocial impacts on academic performance PDF
Shyh-Hwang Lee (Shu-Te University), Ching-Yaw Chen (Shu-Te University), Keomony Sok (Shu-Te University) 969-978
Reader participation in the e-news service in Taiwan PDF
Phoebus Chao-Kung Lee (National Chiao Tung University), Gin-Yuan Lee (National Chiao Tung University) 979-986
The impact of guilt on mimicry behavior PDF
Angelique Martin (Université de Bretagne-Sud), Nicolas Guéguen (Université de Bretagne-Sud), Jacques Fischer-Lokou (Université de Bretagne-Sud) 987-992
Gratitude for, and regret toward, nature: Relationships to proenvironmental intent of university students from Japan PDF
Takashi Naito (Ochanomizu University), Tomoko Matsuda (Ochanomizu University), Pachongchit Intasuwan (Srinakahrinwirot University), Wiladlak Chuawanlee (Srinakahrinwirot University), Supaporn Thanachanan (Srinakahrinwirot University), Jarun Ounthitiwat (Srinakahrinwirot University), Meiko Fukushima (Sakushin Gakuin University) 993-1008