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Volume 7 Issue 1

February 1979


On the use of single sentence descriptions of behavior in attribution research PDF
Saul Kassin (University of Connecticut), Charles A. Lowe (University of Connecticut) 1-8
Information-processing and motivated distortion in the attribution of causality for success and failure PDF
James M. Gleason (State University of New York at Buffalo), Robert M. Arkin (University of Missouri-Columbia), Kelly Shaver (College of William and Mary) 9-16
A factor analytic study of social competence in women PDF
John J. Steffen (University of Cincinnati), Deborah Pritchard Greenwald (Mendota Mental Health Institute), Daniel Langmeyer (University of Cincinnati) 17-28
Cultural impact on human figure drawings PDF
Marcelo De La Serna (University of Veracruz), Loren Helwig (Clarke County Schools), Bert O. Richmond (University of Georgia) 29-32
The use of displays in soliciting charitable donations PDF
S. Mark Pancer (University of Saskatchewan), Cheryl Deforest (University of Saskatchewan), Ian Rogers (University Of Saskatchewan), Donna Schmirler (University of Saskatchewan) 33-38
Reluctance to transmit bad news when the recipient is unknown: Experiments in five nations PDF
Edgar C. O'Neal (Tulane University), Douglas Levine (Tulane University), James Frank (University of Michigan) 39-48
Irish students' stereotypes about some national and subnational groups within Ireland and Great Britain PDF
Timothy McTiernan (University of British Columbia), Robert Knox (University of British Columbia) 49-64
Physical attractiveness and public intimacy of married couples: An observational study PDF
W. Andrew Harrell (University of Alberta) 65-76
Body build satisfaction and the congruency of body build perceptions PDF
Norman Hankins (East Tennessee State University), Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University) 77-80
First impressions of talking rates in opposite-sex and same-sex interactions PDF
Chris L. Kleinke (Wheaton College), Margi Lenga Kahn (Wheaton College), Tracy Beach Tully (Wheaton College) 81-92
An analysis of the differences in self-concept of male and female monozygotic twins PDF
Carolyn Levine (East Tennessee State University), Ben F. Eller (East Tennessee State University), Harold Whitmore (East Tennessee State University) 93-96
Construct similarity and maternal warmth PDF
Franz R. Epting (University of Florida), Carol Zempel (University of Tennessee), Charles Rubio (Auburn University) 97-106
Cognitive complexity and ego identity formation: a synthesis of cognitive and ego psychology PDF
James Cote (Trent University), Gary T. Reker (Trent University) 107-112