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Volume 34 Issue 5

June 2006


"You're helpful" versus "that's clear". Social versus functional label in the foot-in-the-door paradigm PDF
Valerie Fointiat (Université de Provence) 461-466
Attitudes towards women: A study of gender and academic domain differences in a sample of Turkish university students PDF
Demet Ongen (Akdeniz University) 467-486
Korean working adults' and undergraduates' attitudes towards, and self-efficacy in, joining drinking parties PDF
Dong Wook Lee (Hanyang University), Hee Sun Park (Michigan State University), Tai Sik Lee (Hanyang University), Mi Kyoung Kim (Michigan State University), Young Hyun Kim (Hanyang University) 487-498
A longitudinal study of the relationship between positive affect and both problem- and emotion-focused coping strategies PDF
Katsuyuki Yamasaki (Naruto University of Education), Akiko Sakai (Mimasaka College), Kanako Uchida (Hyogo University of Teacher Education) 499-510
A cross-societal comparative study of Beijing and Hong Kong children's self-concept PDF
Anna Hui (Hong Kong Baptist University), Sing Lau (Hong Kong Baptist University), Chun Sau Li (Hong Kong Baptist University), Toby Tong (Hong Kong Baptist University), Jie-Lian Zhang (Beijing Normal University) 511-524
Hierarchical dimensions of coping styles: A study conducted with Turkish university students PDF
Faruk Gençöz (Middle East Technical University), Tülin Gençöz (Middle East Technical University), Özlem Bozo (Middle East Technical University) 525-534
Perceptions of the combination of HIV/AIDS and alcohol as a risk factor among STI clinic attenders in South Africa: Implications for HIV prevention PDF
Leickness C. Simbayi (Human Sciences Research Council), Kelvin Mwaba (University of the Western Cape), Seth C. Kalichman (University of Connecticut) 535-544
Organizational justice, motivation to learn, and training outcomes PDF
Wen-Chih Liao (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Wei-Tao Tai (Chihlee Institute of Technology) 545-556
An evaluation of consumerism and lifestyle as correlates of a voluntary simplicity lifestyle PDF
Osamu Iwata (Osaka Shoin Women’s University) 557-568
Effects of goal orientation, error orientation and self-efficacy on performance in an uncertain situation PDF
Alicia Arenas (University of Salamanca), Carmen Tabernero (University of Cordoba), Elena Briones (University of Salamanca) 569-586
Frequency of parallel, associative, and co-operative play in British children of different socioeconomic status PDF
Sally Dyer (London Metropolitan University), Giovanni B. Moneta (London Metropolitan University) 587-592
Social influence, desirability and relationship investment: The effects of resourcefulness and sexual permissiveness PDF
Arthur H. Perlini (Algoma University College), Tanya L. Boychuk (Algoma University College) 593-602