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Volume 4 Issue 2

August 1976


Social images of disadvantaged groups PDF
Dorcas Susan Butt (University of British Colombia), Edro Signori (University of British Colombia) 145-152
Attributions in personal and hierarchical contexts PDF
J. W. Mann (University of the Witwatersrand) 153-160
Comparison of Personal characteristics: high and low ability student nurses and year of training in New Zealand PDF
Robert A. C. Stewart (Massey University), Jane M. Liddell (Southland Hospital) 161-170
Perceived freedom, accident severity and empathic value as determinants of the attribution of responsibility PDF
James M. Gleason (State University of New York at Buffalo), Victor A. Harris (Niagara Falls Community Mental Health Center) 171-176
The shift to competition in the prisoner's dilemma game PDF
Ayala M. Pines (Ben-Gurion University) 177-186
Experimental application of behavior modification stratagems toward changing ethnocentric attitudes PDF
Kermit Parker, Jr. (U.S.A.F. Academy, Colorado), Kenneth Anchor (George Peabody College), Lawrence Weitz (George Peabody College), Howard Roback (Vanderbilt University Medical Center) 187-192
Black jurors' personality trait attribution to a rape case defendant PDF
Denis Chimaeze E. Ugwuegbu (University of Ibadan) 193-202
Ideological diversity and creativity: A re-evaluation of a hypothesis PDF
Dean Keith Simonton (University of California) 203-208
The impact of self-selection and reference group identification in a university living-learning center PDF
Ronald J. Fisher (University of Guelph), John J. Andrews (University of Guelph) 209-218
A study of a pathological liar PDF
M. J. Stones (Memorial University of Newfoundland) 219-224
Ethnic preference of college students for their own and other racial groups PDF
Sandra Jones (University of Illinois at Champaign), Edward Diener (University of Illinois at Champaign) 225-232
Effect of direct exposure to foreign target groups on descriptive stereotypes held by American students PDF
Richard E. McCrady (Chapman College), Jean Mccrady (Claremont Graduate School) 233-240
The effects of sensation seeking, physical attractiveness of stimuli, and exposure frequency on liking PDF
Marion Pheterson (Hofstra University), Joann Horai (Hofstra University) 241-248
The effect of attitude and statement favorability upon the judgment of attitude statements PDF
B. Corenblum (Brandon University), Vera Corfield (University of Calgary) 249-256
An investigation of the relationship of four components of creativity to locus of control PDF
John A. Glover (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Fred Sautter (University of Nebraska) 257-260
Helping behavior and social exchange PDF
Michael E. Enzle (University of Alberta), Charles A. Lowe (University of Connecticut) 261-266
Compliance in the foot-in-the-door technique as a function of issue similarity and persuasion PDF
Clive Seligman (Northwestern University), Rick Miller (Northwestern University), Gwen Goldberg (Northwestern University), Linda Gelberd (Northwestern University), Nathan Clark (Northwestern University), Malcolm Bush (Northwestern University) 267-272
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: I. Consensual validation PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College), John Giokas (King's College), Henry Hornstein (King's College) 273-276
The relationship between expectancy of success and task difficulty as a function of absolute and relative success criteria PDF
Ronald Goldsmith (University of Washington), James Ascough (Purdue University), Ronald Ettinger (Sangamon State University) 277-282
Repression of sexual associations: Cognitive inhibition, familiarity, or social distribution PDF
Howard Dickman (Kent State University), Donald Elman (Kent State University), Michael Hirt (Kent State University) 283-288
Race and physical attractiveness as criteria for White subjects' dating choices PDF
Bem P. Allen (Western Illinois University) 289-296
Preadolescents' perceptions of parents and their relations to a test of responses to moral dilemmas PDF
Russell Smart (University of Rhode Island), Mollie Smart (University of Rhode Island) 297-308
Intraindividual variation in the coordination of social perspectives PDF
David J. Bearison (City University of New York) 309-314