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Volume 30 Issue 3

May 2002


Individual differences in mindscapes and attitudes: An exploratory cross-cultural study PDF
Uwe Hentschel (University of Leiden), Nana Sumbadze (University of Tbilisi) 213-222
Psychometric properties and construct validity of a Spanish Language Scale for screening antisocial personality PDF
Corina Benjet (Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria), Guilherme Borges (Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria), Fernando A. Wagner (Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria), Maria Elena Medina-Mora (Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria) 223-234
Arabic psychiatry and psychology: The physician who is a philosopher and the physician who is not a philosopher: Some cultural considerations PDF
Mohammed Azim Sayed (United Arab Emirates University) 235-242
Application of Planned Behavior Theory to predicting volunteer enrollment by college students in a campus-based program PDF
Morris A. Okun (Arizona State University), Erin S. Sloane (Los Angeles Unified School District) 243-250
Comparison of Chinese-Australian and Anglo-Australian environment attitudes and behavior PDF
Cynthia Leung (Victoria University), Jenni Rice (Victoria University) 251-262
Towards explaining the association between shyness and loneliness: A path analysis with American college students PDF
Todd Jackson (University of Wisconsin-Superior), April Fritch (University of Wisconsin-Superior), Takeo Nagasaka (University of Wisconsin-Superior), Jennifer Gunderson (University of Wisconsin-Superior) 263-270
Sense of self in the new millennium: Male and female student responses to the TST PDF
Sherry L. Grace (University Health Network Women's Program), Kenneth L. Cramer (University of Windsor) 271-280
The regulation of self-efficacy and attributional feedback on motivation PDF
Aiqing Zhang (Central China Normal University), Qian Lu (University of California) 281-288
Coming unglued: Workplace characteristics, work satisfaction, and family cohesion PDF
Daphne Pedersen Stevens (Utah State University), Gary Kiger (Utah State University), Pamela J. Riley (Utah State University) 289-302
The parents of successful secondary school students of Turkish and Moroccan background in the Netherlands: Parenting practices and the Relationship with parents PDF
Ineke Van der Veen (University of Amsterdam), G. Wim Meijnen (University of Amsterdam) 303-316