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Volume 26 Issue 4

November 1998


Applying the Theory of Reasoned Action to condom use among sex workers PDF
Carl D. Sneed (University of California), Donald E. Morisky (University of California) 317-328
Social loafing and self-beliefs: People's collective effort depends on the extent to which they distinguish themselves as better than others PDF
Emmanuelle Charbonnier (Université Blaise Pascal), Pascal Huguet (Université Blaise Pascal), Markus Brauer (Universite Blaise Pascal), Jean-Marc Monteil (Universite Blaise Pascal) 329-340
Mass media preferences in disaster: A study of Hurricane Danny PDF
Chris Piotrowski (University of West Florida), Terry Armstrong (University of West Florida) 341-346
Exploring a tripartite relationship between rebelliousness, openness to experience and creativity PDF
Murray Griffin (University of East London), Mark R. McDermott (University of London) 347-356
PMS in the workplace: Myth or method? PDF
Arthur G. Bedeian (Louisiana State University), Antoinette S. Phillips (Southeastern Louisiana University) 357-362
Attitudes toward the hypomanic personality and others PDF
Daniel Kahans (Wingrove Cottage Community Clinic), Jerzy Krupinski (Wingrove Cottage Community Clinic), Christine Wilson (Wingrove Cottage Community Clinic) 363-374
Delinquents' and non-delinquents' perception of family functioning in the United Arab Emirates PDF
Ahmed Alnajjar (United Arab Emirates University), Ahmed Smadi (United Arab Emirates University) 375-382
Metaphor and organizational conflict PDF
Yair Hamburger (Bar-Ilan University), Udi Yitzchayak (Bar-Ilan University) 383-398
The validation of the Orpheus Minor Scales in a working population PDF
John Rust (University of London) 399-406
Book review: An encylopedia to achieve an holistic approach PDF
K. H. Wolf (Eastwood), John D. Cunningham (Macquaire University) 407-408
Relationships among role conflicts: Role satisfactions and life satisfaction: Evidence from Hong Kong PDF
Randy K. Chiu (Hong Kong Baptist University) 409-414
Leadership style and personality of mock jurors and the effect on sentencing decisions PDF
Paul M. Valliant (Laurentian University), Jennifer E. Loring (Laurentian University) 421-424
The Hess pupil dilation findings: Sex or novelty? PDF
Darren C. Aboyoun (Georgia State University), James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University) 415-420