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Cover Page

Volume 11 Issue 2

August 1983


Theoretically guided evaluation PDF
Richard A. Feinberg (Purdue University), Kathleen Rowld (Indiana University) 1-4
Subordinate imitation of supervision behavior: The role of supervisor power and subordinate self-esteem PDF
Seymour Adler (Stevens Institute of Technology) 5-10
Visual attention as a function of sex and apparel of stimulus object: Who looks at whom? PDF
Shirley M. Rosenwasser (Southwest Texas State University), Vikki Adams (Southwest Texas State University), Kathy Tansil (Southwest Texas State University) 11-16
The effects of similarity and actual levels of self-disclosure and self-disclosure flexibility on perceptions of interpersonal attraction and adjustment PDF
Paul C. Winum (University of Notre Dame), Paul G. Banikiotes (Advanced Resource Development Corporation) 17-22
Resolving conflicts of interest and ideologies: A simulation of political decision-making PDF
Rhonda Love (University of Toronto), Richard M. Rozelle (University of Houston), Daniel Druckman (Booz-AlIen and Hamilton Inc) 23-28
Extreme samples on the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire Psychoticism Scale PDF
Robert Loo (University of Calgary), Kunio Shiomi (Tottori University) 29-32
Circumspection, preemption and personal constructs PDF
William V. Chambers (University of Florida) 33-36
A relationship between typical script events and positive interpersonal judgements PDF
John G. Benjafield (Brock University), Edward Pomeroy (Brock University), Joanne Kuiack (Brock University) 37-40
Lunar influences on human aggression PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge), Manjula Dua (University of Alberta) 41-44
Further evidence for the reliability and validity of the belief in Human Benevolence Scale PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University), Robyn Hyde (University of Nebraska-Omaha) 45-50
Field dependence and personality: A re-examination PDF
Frank P. McKenna (MRC Applied Psychology Unit) 51-56
Toward a synthesis of some behavioral and physiological antecedents of belief perseverance PDF
Roger A. Drake (Western State College of Colorado) 57-60
Dominance-submissiveness as an effective response to situations and as predictor of approach-avoidance PDF
Thompson Biggers (University of Miami), Olaf Rankis (University of Miami) 61-70
Selective recall of self-descriptive traits by socially anxious and nonanxious females PDF
Barbara Breck (Indiana University Northwest), Stephanie H. Smith (Indiana University) 71-76
Time estimation as a function of stimulus complexity and personality PDF
Jacob Lomranz (Tel Aviv University) 77-82
The dynamics of jury decision-making: A case study PDF
W. Gary Howard (University of West Florida), David L. Redfering (The University of West Florida) 83-89
Guidelines for nonethnocentric use of language: A fairy tale and a plea PDF
Robert J. Smith (University of Maryland) 91-94
Early memories, early experiences and personality PDF
Ngaire V. Adcock (Victoria University of Wellington), Michael W. Ross (The Flinders University of South Australia) 95-100
Identity achievement and axiological maturity PDF
Dale D. Simmons (Oregon State University) 101-104