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Volume 43 Issue 8

September 2015


Dispositional optimism as a mediator of the effect of rumination on anxiety PDF
Xiaobo Yu (Anyang Normal University), Junbo Chen (Anyang Normal University), Jing Liu (Second Hospital of Jilin University), Xiaodong Yu (The People’s Bank of China (Changchun Branch)), Kongqing Zhao (Northwest University) 1233-1242
Self-esteem, gender, and the relationship between extraversion and subjective well-being PDF
Yuan Li (Shaanxi Normal University), Jijun Lan (Shaanxi Normal University), Chengting Ju (Shaanxi Normal University) 1243-1254
Ambivalent attitude of young people in China toward rich kids: Evidence from behavioral indices PDF
Dai Cui (Chinese Academy of Science), Lili Wu (Chinese Academy of Science), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science) 1255-1264
Global self-esteem mediates the effect of general self-efficacy on Chinese undergraduates' general procrastination PDF
Jian-feng Tan (Guangdong Medical University), Ze-wei Ma (Guangdong Medical University), Xue-ting Li (Guangzhou Civil Aviation College) 1265-1272
Leader–member exchange social comparison and employee deviant behavior: Evidence from a Chinese context PDF
Jiaxin Huang (Guangdong University of Finance and Economics), Lihua Shi (Sun Yat-sen University), Jun Xie (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies), Lin Wang (Sun Yat-sen University) 1273-1286
Servant leadership and customer service quality at Korean hotels: Multilevel organizational citizenship behavior as a mediator PDF
Won Jun Kwak (Soongsil University), Hwa-Kyung Kim (Jeju International University) 1287-1298
Classifying and profiling sports lottery gamblers: A cluster analysis approach PDF
Hai Li (Shanghai University of Sport), Luke Lunhua Mao (The University of New Mexico), James Jianhui Zhang (University of Georgia), Jiaxi Xu (Shanghai University of Sport) 1299-1318
Effects of review characteristics and consumer regulatory focus on perceived review usefulness PDF
Mikyoung Kim (Hongik University), Mira Lee (Chung-Ang University) 1319-1334
Determinants and outcomes of professional vitality: Evidence from China PDF
Fulei Chu (Beijing Jiaotong University), Long Ye (Beijing Jiaotong University), Ming Guo (Beijing Jiaotong University) 1335-1346
The impact of product regret on repurchase intention PDF
Ya Ping Chang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Yin Gao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Dong Hong Zhu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 1347-1360
Impact of power conceptualization and construal-level mindset on distributive fairness PDF
Na Wang (Zhejiang University and Hanshan Normal University), Yue-Liang Sun (Hanshan Normal University), Pei-Lin Li (Hanshan Normal University) 1361-1370
Consumers' processing mindset as a moderator of the effect of country-of-origin product stereotype PDF
Chen Yang (South China University of Technology), Haizhong Wang (Sun Yat-sen University), Ke Zhong (Sun Yat-sen University) 1371-1384
Theoretical issues associated with cultural readiness for end-of-life care planning in Taiwan PDF
Yvonne Hsiung (Mackay Medical College) 1385-1394
The relationship between economic value of time and feelings of time pressure PDF
Changkai Chen (Nanjing University), Hua Xu (Nanjing University), Juanjuan Zheng (Jinling High School, Nanjing) 1395-1408