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Volume 41 Issue 4

May 2013


How internal marketing can cultivate psychological empowerment and enhance employee performance PDF
Qing Yao (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Rong Chen (Tsinghua University), Guoliang Cai (Department of Marketing, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University) 529-538
Addictive behavior in relation to the Happy Farm Facebook application PDF
Pi-Chu Wu (China University of Technology) 539-554
Informal workplace family support and turnover intention: Testing a mediation model PDF
Aminah Ahmad (Putra University), Zoharah Omar (Putra University) 555-556
The impact of cooperative learning on English as a foreign language tertiary learners’ social skills PDF
Huiping Ning (Shanxi University of Finance and Economics) 557-568
Gender differences in buyer-seller negotiations: Emotion regulation strategies PDF
Gulcimen Yurtsever (Toros University), Berrin Ozyurt (Yaşar University), Zohar Ben-Asher (European Centre for Research and Financing) 569-576
Self-esteem and depression in a Taiwanese population: A meta-analysis PDF
Shu-Jiuan Chen (National Changhua University of Education), Chia-Hui Chiu (Tunghai University), Chiungjung Huang (Graduate Institute of Education) 577-586
Effects of trust and perceived risk on user acceptance of a new technology service PDF
Ji-Hwan Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Chi-Hoon Song (POSCO ICT) 587-598
How brand image, country of origin, and self-congruity influence Internet users’ purchase intention PDF
Chih-Ching Yu (National Taipei University), Pei-Jou Lin (National Taipei University), Chun-Shuo Chen (National Taipei University) 599-612
The effect of authentic leadership on employee trust and employee engagement PDF
Dan-Shang Wang (National Changhua University of Education), Chia-Chun Hsieh (National Changhua University of Education) 613-624
The nonfungibility of mental accounting: A revision PDF
Yuntong Gou (Fourth Military Medical University), Yuan Jiang (Fourth Military Medical University), Rui Li (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University), Jiaxi Peng (Fourth Military Medical University) 625-634
Teachers’ deviant workplace behaviors: Scale development PDF
Ali Ünal (Necmettin Erbakan University) 635-642
Brand involvement in retaining customers despite dissatisfaction PDF
Yih-Chearng Shiue (National Central University), Lisa Shih-Hua Li (National Central University) 643-650
Affectivity, emotional exhaustion, and service sabotage behavior: The mediation role of rumination PDF
Ping Luo (Guangzhou Sontan Polytechnic College), Zhao Bao (Wuhan University) 651-662
A longitudinal study of children’s theory of mind, self-concept, and perceptions of humor in self and other PDF
Sandra L. Bosacki (Brock University) 663-674
The impact of substitutes for leadership on job satisfaction and performance PDF
Xiao-Dong Xu (Zhejiang University), Jian An Zhong (Zhejiang University), Xiao-Yan Wang (Hangzhou Creative Intelligence Consulting Co. Ltd.) 675-686
The influence of conflict management culture on job satisfaction PDF
Younyoung Choi (Hanyang Cyber University) 687-692
Personality traits and the role of gender in swimmers at the leisure level PDF
Guido M. Cavallera (University of Chieti-Pescara), Andrea Passerini (University of Chieti-Pescara), Alessandro Pepe (University of Milan-Bicocca) 693-704