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Volume 36 Issue 9

October 2008


The validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the Self-CompassionScale PDF
M. Engin Deniz (Selcuk University), Sahin Kesici (Selcuk University), A. Serkan Sumer (Selcuk University) 1151-1160
Inclusion and ordering: The compounding effects of two distinct but related structural power conditions PDF
Mamadi Corra (East Carolina University) 1161-1178
Effects of concealable stigma for learning disabilities PDF
Jun-yan Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Baoshan Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Guoliang Yu (Renmin University of China) 1179-1188
Lay theories of personality and helping among Chinese undergraduates PDF
Zhen Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Science) 1189-1190
The mediating effects of expatriate adjustment and operational capabilityon the success of expatriation PDF
Li-Yueh Lee (Kun Shan University), Badri Munir Sukoco (Airlangga University) 1191-1204
Forced compliance, misattribution and trivialization PDF
Robert-Vincent Joule (University of Provence), Marie-Amelie Martinie (University of Poitiers) 1205-1212
An examination of cultural differences in ethical decision making using the Multidimensional Ethics Scale PDF
Chieh-Yu Lin (Chang Jung Christian University), Yi-Hui Ho (Chang Jung Christian University) 1213-1222
The role of personality traits in online consumer complaint behavior andservice recovery expectation PDF
Jen-Hung Huang (National Chiao-Tung University), Chiao-Chen Chang (National Chiao-Tung University) 1223-1232
The effect of a woman’s smile on men’s courtship behavior PDF
Nicolas Gueguen (Université de Bretagne Sud) 1233-1236
Nepotism, favoritism and cronyism: A study of their effects on job stressand job satisfaction in the banking industry of north Cyprus PDF
Huseyin Arasli (Eastern Mediterranean University), Mustafa Tumer (Eastern Mediterranean University) 1237-1250
Toward a research model of market orientation and dynamic capabilities PDF
Jia-Jeng Hou (National Chiayi University) 1251-1268
The roles of human resources, information technology, and marketing knowledge capabilities in performance: An extension of the resource-based theory perspective PDF
Yi-Feng Yang (Shu-Te University) 1269-1282
Communication skill levels in Turkish prospective teachers PDF
Fulya Yuksel-Sahin (Yildiz Technical University) 1283-1294