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Volume 35 Issue 6

July 2007


The Turkish short version of the Social and Emotional Loneliness Scale for Adults (SELSA-S): Initial development and validation PDF
A. Rezan Cecen (Çukurova University) 717-734
The effects of quality of work life on commitment and turnover intention PDF
Tung-Chun Huang (National Central University), John Lawler (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Ching-Yi Lei (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) 735-750
The Goal-Focused Coaching Skills Questionnaire: Preliminary findings PDF
Anthony M. Grant (University of Sydney), Michael J. Cavanagh (University of Sydney) 751-760
Comparison conditions, comparison patterns and models of comparative behavior PDF
Chien-Huang Lin (National Central University), Chia-Ching Tsai (I-Shou University) 761-776
Some variables predicting social self-efficacy expectation PDF
Mehmet Bilgin (Çukurova University), Emine Akkapulu (Çukurova University) 777-788
The exposure of primary school teachers to bullying: An analysis of various variables PDF
Necati Cemaloglu (Gazi University) 789-802
Effects of group goal and resource valence on allocation preferences in public good dilemmas PDF
Ali Kazemi (Göteborg University and University of Skövde), Daniel Eek (Göteborg University and University of Skövde) 803-818
Conclusion explicitness in message communication: The roles of NFC and knowledge in attitude formation PDF
Danny T. Kao (Shih Chien University) 819-826
Gender differences and color: Content and emotion of written descriptions PDF
Heather Arthur (Texas A&M - Commerce), Gail Johnson (Texas A&M - Commerce), Adena Young (Texas A&M - Commerce) 827-834
Humor styles in predicting loneliness among Turkish university students PDF
A. Rezan Cecen (Çukurova University) 835-844
Changing ethnic/racial stereotypes: The roles of individuals and groups PDF
Yutaka Izumi (Troy University), Frank Hammonds (Troy University) 845-852
Illness transmission mode and perceiver personality: Factors affecting stigmatized perceptions of patients and sexual illness PDF
Gabie E. Smith (Elon University), Christopher S. Nave (Elon University) 853-860