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Volume 33 Issue 2

March 2005


Willpower and perceived behavioral control: Influences on the intention-behavior relationship and postbehavior attributions PDF
Judy L. Fitch (Physicians Rehabilitation Group, Columbia), Elizabeth C. Ravlin (The University of South Carolina, Columbia) 105-124
Effect of experimenter attire and sex on participant productivity PDF
Raymond J. Green (Texas A&M University - Commerce), Jana C. Sandall (Texas A&M University - Commerce), Cliff Phelps (Texas A&M University - Commerce) 125-132
Reconstructing the past and attributing the responsibility for the Holocaust PDF
Emma Dresler-Hawke (Massey University) 133-148
Personality traits and coping styles as mediators in risky sexual behavior: A comparison of male and female undergraduate students PDF
Sharon Gil (University of Haifa) 149-158
An investigation of individual and contextual factors influencing training variables PDF
Aichia Chuang (National Taiwan University), Wen-Chih Liao (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Wei-Tao Tai (Chihlee Institute of Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 159-174
Attitudes and beliefs about death and dying held by Black South African university students PDF
Charles K. Makgati (Military Psychological Institute, Pretoria), Leickness C. Simbayi (Human Sciences Research Council, Cape Town) 175-182
Assessing the quality of students' ratings of faculty members at Mu'tah University PDF
Abdalla Alsamdi (Mu’tah University) 183-188
Social concerns and willingness to support charities PDF
Jane Lu Hsu (National Chung Hsing University), Guan-Yu Liang (National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology), Chih-Ping Tien (National Central University) 189-200
Construction of a new scale: The Reysen Likability Scale PDF
Stephen Reysen (California State University) 201-208