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Volume 28 Issue 2

April 2000


Cross-cultural validity of a model of self-worth: Application to Finnish children PDF
Heta-Maria Miller (University at Albany, State University of New York) 105-118
Belief in a just world or self-serving strategy? PDF
Laurent Begue (University of Grenoble), Vincent Fumey (University of Provence) 119-124
Commitment to the organization in exchange for support from the organization PDF
Chau-Kiu Cheung (City University of Hong Kong) 125-140
Ethical beliefs and tolerance of ambiguity PDF
Gulcimen Yurtsever (Blacksea Technical University) 141-148
An evaluation of the Choice Dilemma Questionnaire as a measure of risk-taking propensity PDF
T. J. Kamalanabhan (University Telekom), D. L. Sunder (Indian Institute of Technology), M. Vasanthi (Child Trust Hospital) 149-156
Self-reported attachment style, anxiety, and depression in children PDF
Peter Muris (Maastricht University), Birgit Mayer (Open University), Cor Meesters (Maastricht University) 157-162
Personality disorders and social functioning in depressed patients PDF
S. Kool (Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital), Jack Dekker (Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital), I. Duijsens (Leiden University), F. De Jonghe (University of Amsterdam), P. De Jong (Rijks Universiteit), S. Schouws (Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital) 163-176
Does perception of pay equity, pay satisfaction, and job satisfaction mediate the effect of positive affectivity on work motivation? PDF
Randy Chiu (Hong Kong Baptist University) 177-184
Individual differences in political tolerance among adolescents PDF
Maria Jose Sotelo (Universidade de Vigo) 185-192
Predictors of loneliness among adolescents from Portuguese immigrant families in Switzerland PDF
Felix Neto (Universidade do Porto), Jose Barros (Universidade do Porto) 193-206