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Volume 26 Issue 1

February 1998


Observational learning effectiveness as a function of model characteristics: Investigating the importance of social power PDF
Keri Brewer (Murray State University), Daniel L. Wann (Murray State University) 1-10
Confucian values and conflict behavior of Asian managers: A comparison of two countries PDF
Randy K. Chiu (Hong Kong Baptist University), May Wong (Lingnan College), Frederick Kosinski, Jr. (Andrews University) 11-22
A severe test of interpersonal theory of depression among criminal defendants PDF
Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. (Florida State University), David Lane Brown (University of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston), Alan R. Felthous (University of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston), Ernest P. Barratt (University of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston), Laurie A. Brown (University of Houston at Clear Lake) 23-28
The Protective Style Questionnaire: Self-protective mechanisms among stigmatized adolescents PDF
Stephen B. Hillman (Wayne State University), Paula C. Wood (Wayne State University), Shlomo S. Sawilowsky (Wayne State University) 29-38
Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence Scale and 16PF Second-Order Factors PDF
Ezra N. Mlonzi (University of the Western Cape), D. J. W. Strumpfer (University of the Western Cape) 39-50
Life satisfaction and life demands in college students PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Christy Miller (East Tennessee State University) 51-56
The Suinn-Lew Asian Self-Identity Acculturation Scale: Test with a Non-student, Asian-American sample PDF
Shiretta F. Ownbey (College of Human Environmental Sciences), Patricia E. Horridge (Texas Tech University) 57-68
Correlates of attitudes toward the application of eugenics to the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities PDF
J. Ouimet (Bishop's University), Anton F. De Man (Bishop's University) 69-74
Victim target networks as solvability factors in serial murder PDF
Maurice Godwin (University of Liverpool) 75-84
The effects of organizational centrality on employee career success and satisfaction PDF
Christopher Orpen (Bournemouth University) 85-88
Perceptions of parenting styles and parent-adolescent conflict in adolescents with low academic achievement in Hong Kong PDF
Daniel T. L. Shek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), T. Y. Lee (City University of Hong Kong), L. K. Chan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) 89-98
Need for cognition and thought-induced attitude polarization: Examining possible demand characteristics PDF
G. Daniel Lassiter (Ohio University), Kevin J. Apple (Ohio University) 99-104