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Volume 24 Issue 4

November 1996


Adaptive behavior in suicide ideators and non-ideators PDF
Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University), Leslie Jones (East Tennessee State University) 309-320
Culture and gender differences in the self-esteem of college students: A four-country comparison PDF
David Watkins (University of Hong Kong), Adebowale Akande (University of the Western Cape), Christopher Cheng (City University of Hong Kong), Murari Regmi (Tribhuvan University) 321-328
Femininity, depression and stress in college women PDF
Elizabeth Brazelton (Auburn University), Katherine Greene (Auburn University), Malcolm Gynther (Auburn University) 329-334
Some attitudinal and literacy correlates of proenvironmentalism PDF
Osamu I. Wata (University of Tokushima) 335-342
Marsh's Self Description Questionnaire III (SDQ III): Adaptation study with Portuguese college students PDF
Luisa Faria (Porto State University) 343-350
Television viewing and mean world value in Hong Kong's adolescents PDF
Chau-kiu Cheung (City University of Hong Kong), Chi-Fai Chan (City University of Hong Kong) 351-364
Suicide and homicide rates among U.S. Indian health service areas: The income inequality hypothesis PDF
Laurence A. French (Western New Mexico University), Thomas J. Young (Beatrice) 365-366
Self-actualization and locus of control as a function of institutionalization and non-institutionalization in the elderly PDF
Philip O. Sijuwade (University of Texas at Arlington) 367-374
Gender differences in moral development and acquisition: A review of Kohlberg's and Gilligan's Models of Justice and Care PDF
Cindy J. P. Woods (California State University) 375-384
Suicidal ideation among the elderly: Personal variables, stress and social support PDF
Maria Mireault (Concordia University), Anton F. De Man (Bishop's University) 385-392
The effects of educational and relational mental incongruity on identity formation PDF
Jurjen Iedema (Utrecht University), Wim Meeus (Utrecht University), Martijn DeGoede (Utrecht University) 393-404
Personality and prayer among adult churchgoers: A replication PDF
Leslie J. Francis (University of Wales), Jeff Astley (North of England Institute for Christian Education) 405-408