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Cover Page

Volume 22 Issue 2

May 1994


Attitudes toward sex offenders by female undergraduate university students enrolled in a psychology program PDF
Paul M. Valliant (Laurentain University), Catherine J. Furac (Laurentain University), Daniel H. Antonowicz (Laurentain University) 105-110
Expectations for changes in midlife men PDF
Jacob Lomranz (Tel-Aviv University), Dov Shmotkin (Tel-Aviv University), Nitza Eyal (Tel-Aviv University), Ariella Friedman (Tel-Aviv University) 111-122
Effect of gender dominance expectancies for knowledge on self-touching during conversations PDF
Marian Morry (University of Alberta), Michael E. Enzle (University of Alberta) 123-130
Children's sex role development: Implications for working mothers PDF
Jon B. Ellis (East Tennessee State University) 131-136
Monitoring coping style, fear of AIDS, and attitudes towards AIDS prevention PDF
Peter Muris (University of Amsterdam), F. J. Van Zuuren (University of Amsterdam), M. Kindt (University of Amsterdam) 137-144
The influence of cognitive processing style on cognitive distortion in clinical depression PDF
Richard G. MacGillivray (Halifax), Pierre Baron (University of Ottawa) 145-156
Psychological kinship fulfillment and dating attraction PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Michael Czuchry (East Tennessee State University) 157-162
Attributional style of African-American adolescents PDF
Stephen B. Hillman (Wayne State University), Paula C. Wood (Wayne State University), Shlomo S. Sawilowsky (Wayne State University) 163-176
The maternal behavior inventory: Measuring the behavioral side of mother-to-infant attachment PDF
Gilbert Becker (University of Winnipeg), Constance Becker (Manitoba Health) 177-194
The interplay of similarity and self verification in relationship formation PDF
Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. (University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston) 195-200
The effects of freshman orientation and locus of control on adjustment to college: a follow-up study PDF
Nancy K. Martin (University of North Texas), Paul N. Nixon (University of North Texas) 201-208