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Cover Page

Volume 20 Issue 2

May 1992


The Family Satisfaction Scale PDF
Margaret D. Carver (University of Tulsa), Warren H. Jones (University of Tennessee) 71-84
Components of perfectionism and procrastination in college students PDF
Gordon L. Flett (York University), Kirk R. Blankstein (Erindale College University of Toronto), Paul L. Hewitt (University of Winnipeg), Spomenka Koledin (York University) 85-94
Childhood injuries and Erikson's psychosocial stages PDF
Harvey J. Ginsburg (Southwest Texas State University) 95-100
Concatenation diagrams in personality typology: Examining enneagrams PDF
K. H. Wolf (Sydney) 101-110
Bi-modal personality: Developing an understanding PDF
Paul M. W. Hackett (University of Birmingham) 111-114
Playing games before an audience: Social facilitation or choking PDF
Charles E. Kimble (University of Dayton), Jeffery S. Rezabek (University of Dayton) 115-120
Schizotypal thinking among members of occult sects PDF
John Rust (University of London) 121-130