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Volume 14 Issue 1

February 1986


Self acceptance and the selection of a marital partner - An assessment of the SVR Model of Murstein PDF
Zahava Solomon (Israel Defense Forces) 1-6
Perceptions of solicited versus unsolicited self-disclosure PDF
Renee Hund (Fort Hays State University), Kenneth R. Olson (Fort Hays State University), Robert P. Markley (Fort Hays State University) 7-14
Additivity of clothing cues in first impressions PDF
Sharron J. Lennon (Indiana University) 15-22
Attraction and evaluation as a function of the ingratiating style of a person PDF
Janak Pandey (Allahabad University), Kayyum Bohra (National Productivity Council, Bhopal) 23-28
Paralanguage and the interpersonal impact of dysphoria: It's not what you say but how you say it PDF
John R. Paddock (Kennesaw College), Stephen Nowicki, Jr. (Emory University) 29-44
Theoretical orientation and therapists' view of the healthy client PDF
Franz R. Epting (University of Florida), Michael A. Rigdon (University of Utah), Awilda M. Oliver (University of Florida), Carolyn A. West (Central Florida Community College) 45-50
Cognitive set and clinical inference: Referral information may not (always) affect psychosocial assessment PDF
Ivo L. Abraham (Case Western Reserve University) 51-58
Attitudes of students toward politically relevant groups PDF
Warner Wilson (Wright State University) 59-68
Occupation and impressions: Stereotypes of males and females in three professions PDF
Wayne H. Decker (Salisbury State College) 69-76
Sex-ratios as a basis for occupational evaluations: A contemporary view PDF
David R. Shaffer (University of Georgia), April Gresham (University of Georgia), E. Gilmer Clary (College of St. Catherine), Thomas J. Thielman (College of St. Catherine) 77-84
Attitudes of male alcoholics towards equal freedom for women: Personality correlates PDF
Zack Z. Cernovsky (St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital) 85-88
Clothing color value and facial expression: Effects of evaluations of female job applicants PDF
Mary Lynn Damhorst (Iowa State University), J. Ann Pinaire Reed (The University of Texas at Austin) 89-98
Stress and medical care utilization: Element of screening behavior PDF
Eric J. Bailey (Wayne State University) 99-102
Physical attractiveness, age, and sex as determinants of reactions to resumes PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University), Janet Kay (Marquette University) 103-112
Gender, sex-type and cognitive distortion: Self-perceptions of social competence among mild depressives PDF
Kathleen McNamara (Colorado State University), Gil Hackett (University of California, Santa Barbara) 113-122