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Volume 44 Issue 11

December 2016


Structural relationships between students’ social support and self-esteem, depression, and happiness PDF
Chul-Ho Bum (Kyung Hee University), Ik-Ki Jeon (Kyung Hee University) 1761-1774
Measuring shame regulation: Validation of the Compass of Shame Scale PDF
Frans Schalkwijk (University of Amsterdam), Geert Jan Stams (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Jack Dekker (Free University of Amsterdam), Jaap Peen (Arkin Institute for Mental Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Jeff Ellison (Adams State University) 1775-1792
Ethical leadership and followers’ taking charge: Trust in, and identification with, leader as mediators PDF
Kihyun Lee (Korea Naval Academy) 1793-1802
No moral qualms about transactional sex? Materialism and objectification PDF
Changkai Chen (Nanjing University) 1803-1814
Competing with visible and invisible competitors in flanker tasks PDF
Yingying Zhu (Wenzhou University), Qiang Zhou (Wenzhou Medical University), Xin Dong Ye (Wenzhou University) 1815-1824
Impression management tactics of protégés and mentors’ knowledge-sharing behavior PDF
Zhenyuan Wang (East China Normal University and Shanghai Jiaotong University), Huiping Zhang (East China Normal University), Xi Chen (Shanghai Normal University), Yongjia Duan (Shanghai Shangfang Technology Company Ltd.) 1825-1838
Predictors of the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement on Facebook PDF
Nam-Hyun Um (Hongik University) 1839-1850
Employee work experience, locomotion, and voice behavior PDF
Fangjun Li (Jinan University), Aimei Li (Jinan University), Yu Zhu (Jinan University) 1851-1862
Recognition in social media for supporting a cause: Involvement and self-efficacy as moderators PDF
Sojung Kim (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Nam-Hyun Um (Hongik University) 1863-1878
Happiness and social stratification: A layered perspective on occupational status PDF
Yanhui Xiang (South China Normal University), Hao Wu (Guangzhou Medical University), Xiaomei Chao (Xinhu School, Bao’an, Shenzhen), Lei Mo (South China Normal University) 1879-1888
Effects of coaching style on prosocial and antisocial behavior among Chinese athletes PDF
Zuosong Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Dong Wang (Fujian Normal University), Kun Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Noora J. Ronkainen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Tao Huang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 1889-1900
The interplay of Internet addiction and compulsive shopping behaviors PDF
Seungsin Lee (Konkuk University), Jungkun Park (Hanyang University), Sukhyung Bryan Lee (Chungwoon University) 1901-1912
Linking leader personality traits to motivation to lead: A self-concept approach PDF
Lu Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) 1913-1926
Filial piety and life satisfaction among Chinese students: Relationship harmony as mediator PDF
Peizhen Sun (Jiangsu Normal University), Bei Liu (Jiangsu Normal University), Hongyan Jiang (China University of Mining and Technology), Feifei Qian (Shanghai World Foreign Language School) 1927-1936