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The interplay of Internet addiction and compulsive shopping behaviors

Seungsin Lee (Konkuk University), Jungkun Park (Hanyang University), Sukhyung Bryan Lee (Chungwoon University)
Cite this article:  Lee, S., Park, J., & Lee, S. (2016). The interplay of Internet addiction and compulsive shopping behaviors. Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 44, 1901-1912.
Publication date: December 2016


We examined the relationship between Internet addiction and compulsive shopping in offline versus online settings, and the role of consumers’ self-esteem on their offline behavior and compulsive e-buying tendencies. We received 257 usable responses to a self-administrated online survey. Hypothesized causal relationships were tested with structural equation modelling using AMOS. Results showed that the respondents’ self-esteem was significantly and negatively related to compulsive online buying and Internet addiction. Both compulsive offline buying and Internet addiction had a strong positive relationship with compulsive online buying. Based on the significant influences of low self-esteem and Internet addiction, policy makers can develop educational or counselling programs that could influence consumers’ purchasing behaviors.

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