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Volume 11 Issue 1

February 1983


Measurement of role stress: Dimensionality of scale items PDF
Lane Tracy (Ohio University), Thomas Johnson (California State University - Fullerton) 1-8
Crowd size and density in relation to athletic aggression and performance PDF
Gordon W. Russell (University of Lethbridge) 9-16
The employability of psychologists in academic settings: A cross-validation PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University) 17-22
Changing patterns in the response to humorous sexual stimuli: Sex roles and expression of sexuality PDF
Frank Prerost (Western Illinois University) 23-28
Personality correlates of Machiavellianism: V. Machiavellianism, extraversion and toughmindedness in business PDF
Nicholas F. Skinner (King's College) 29-32
Cross-cultural validation of the Michill Adjective Rating Scale (MARS) PDF
Mohammed Y. Quereshi (Marquette University) 33-38
American campaign oratory: Verbal response mode use by candidates in 1980 American presidential primaries PDF
William B. Stiles (Miami University), Melinda Au (Miami University), Mary Ann Martello (Miami University), Julia Perlmutter (Miami University) 39-44
Attitudes to poverty, the protestant ethic, and political affiliation: A preliminary investigation PDF
Graham F. Wagstaff (University of Liverpool) 45-48
Ecological determinants of "White ethnic" identity in St. Louis, Missouri PDF
Irene Dabrowski (St John's University) 49-58
Giving birth to child or idea: The feminine dilemma PDF
Patricia Phillips (West Texas State University), Fred Rozendal (West Texas State University) 59-64
Unbiasing the brain: The effects of meditation upon the cerebral hemispheres PDF
John Meissner (University of Regina), Michael Pirot (University of Regina) 65-76
Frequency of social evaluation in self-observed daily interactions PDF
Thomas J. Schoeneman (Lewis and Clark College) 77-80
Rapprochement of Rotter's Social Learning Theory with self-esteem constructs PDF
Joy Patricia Burke (Arizona State University) 81-92
The effects of sex and Machiavellianism on self-disclosure patterns PDF
Eva C. Brown (Memphis State University), Rebecca Guy (Memphis State University) 93-96
Behavioral predictions based on perceptions of facial expressions of emotion PDF
David Matsumoto (University of California) 97-104
Personality differences between successfully and unsuccessfully treated drug abusers PDF
Frank Biasco (The University of West Florida), Charles Fritch (University of West Florida), David L. Redfering (The University of West Florida) 105-112
Induced response bias on the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory PDF
E. P. Johnsen (The University of Kansas), D. Tracy (University of Kansas), R. Hohn (University of Kansas) 113-118
Choice and commitment to a military career PDF
Aharon Tziner (Tel Aviv University) 119-128