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Volume 44 Issue 8

September 2016


Person–organization fit and turnover intention: Professional identity as a moderator PDF
Yueran Wen (Renmin University of China), Fei Zhu (Central University of Finance and Economics), Liu Liu (Renmin University of China) 1233-1242}
Effect of celebrity endorsement in marketing of musicals: Poster versus social networking site PDF
Hyeon-Cheol Kim (Chung-Ang University), Jae-Yeob Jeong (Yewon Arts University) 1243-1254}
How does ethical leadership influence employees’ whistleblowing intention? Evidence from China PDF
Peng Wen (Central China Normal University), Cheng Chen (Central China Normal University) 1255-1266}
The interactive effects of personality and burnout on knowledge sharing among teachers PDF
Jinfeng Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences–University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and City University of Hong Kong), Mingjie Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 1267-1280}
Religious orientation and its relationship with spiritual intelligence PDF
Ismael S. Albursan (King Saud University), Mohammad F. AlQudah (King Saud University), Salaheldin F. Bakhiet (King Saud University), Ahmad M. Alzoubi (Princess Alia, Al-Balqa’a University), Adel S. Abduljabbar (King Saud University), Michaeel A. Alghamdi (king Saud University) 1281-1296}
Self-esteem mediates the relationship between mindfulness and social anxiety among Chinese undergraduate students PDF
Jianfeng Tan (Guangdong Medical College), Pouchan Lo (Macau Psychotherapy Association), Nie Ge (City University of Macau), Chengjing Chu (Guangdong Medical College) 1297-1304}
How social support style affects financial risk-taking behavior: A cross-cultural study PDF
Lili Wang (Zhejiang University), Danping Zhou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Liang Hu (Zhejiang University) 1305-1314}
Supervisors’ paternalistic leadership influences college English teachers’ teaching efficacy in China PDF
Chang Song (Hunan Agricultural University) 1315-1328}
Undergraduates’ day-to-day lying behaviors: Implications, targets, and psychological characteristics PDF
Su-Lin Chiu (Taipei College of Maritime Technology), Fu-Yuan Hong (Da-Yeh University), Shao-I Chiu (Da-Yeh University) 1329-1338}
Effects of public-service employee age and performance of emotional labor on job pride PDF
Hyun Jung Lee (MyongJi University) 1339-1348}
Professional autonomy, group cohesion, and job complexity affect researchers’ organizational commitment PDF
Jaehwan Jung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Changi Nam (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Euehun Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Seongcheol Kim (Korea University) 1349-1358}
Effect of organizational justice on work engagement with psychological safety as a mediator: Evidence from China PDF
Xiaojun Lyu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 1359-1370}
Why Taiwanese people do not comply with Facebook’s real name policy PDF
Ming-Shian Wu (Aletheia University) 1371-1378}
E-mass customization: Effects of self-congruity and functional congruity on consumer responses PDF
Minjung Park (Ewha Womans University), Jungmin Yoo (Duksung Women's University) 1379-1394}
How do cognitive and affective trust impact process–outcome interaction? PDF
Xuan-Na Wu (Capital Normal University), Xue Wu (Peking University), Wei Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 1395-1408}