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Volume 44 Issue 7

August 2016


Exploring proenvironmental behavior of Serbian youth through environmental values, satisfaction, and responsibility PDF
Slavoljub Jovanović (University of Belgrade), Dragica Gatarić (University of Belgrade), Zorica Prnjat (University of Belgrade), Goran Andjelković (University of Belgrade), Jasmina M. Jovanović (University of Belgrade), Bogdan Lukić (University of Belgrade), Miloš D. Lutovac (Belgrade Business School) 1057-1068
Transmitting stereotype-relevant information in conversation: Evidence from Chinese undergraduates PDF
Yongping Zhao (Southwest University), Yufang Zhao (Southwest University), Jinfu Zhang (Southwest University) 1069-1078
Cultural orientation affects consumer responses to charity advertising PDF
Yoojung Kim (Konkuk University) 1079-1088
Abusive supervision and work performance: The moderating role of abusive supervision variability PDF
Lian Zhou (Guangdong University of Technology) 1089-1098
Reciprocal norms moderate the influence of guanxi on feelings and behavior of closeness PDF
Na Chen (Tsinghua University), Pei-Luen Patrick Rau (Tsinghua University) 1099-1114
Adolescents’ core self-evaluations as mediators of the effect of mindfulness on life satisfaction PDF
Jianfeng Tan (Guangdong Medical University), Wu Yang (City University of Macau), Hongwei Ma (City University of Macau), Yulan Yu (Guangdong Medical University) 1115-1122
Perceived employability moderates burnout and depression among bank employees PDF
Haishu Qiao (Hunan University), Yue Xia (Hunan University), Ying Li (Hunan University) 1123-1132
Self-reflection and self-insight predict resilience and stress in competitive tennis PDF
Richard Gregory Cowden (University of KwaZulu-Natal and North-West University), Anna Meyer-Weitz (University of KwaZulu-Natal) 1133-1150
Negative effects of brand familiarity and brand relevance on effectiveness of viral advertisements PDF
Jin-Song Huang (Beihang University), Liuning Zhou (University of Southern California) 1151-1162
Mood affects consumer inferences of marketers’ scarcity claim as a sales tactic PDF
Seung Yun Lee (Konkuk University), Sangdo Oh (Yonsei University), Sunho Jung (Kyung Hee University) 1163-1172
Effects of compassion on employees' self-regulation PDF
Hyung Jin Choi (Hanyang University), Sangmin Lee (Hanyang University), Se-Ri No (Hanyang University), Eung Il Kim (State University of New York at Binghamton) 1173-1190
Effects of context on processing emotionally neutral abstract and concrete concepts PDF
Liusheng Wang (East China Normal University and Nantong University), Hongmei Qiu (Nantong University), Jianjun Yin (Jackson State University) 1191-1200
Transformational leadership and employees' feedback seeking: The mediating role of trust in leader PDF
Bin Wang (Beijing Normal University), Jing Qian (Beijing Normal University), Ruili Ou (Beijing Normal University), Chuying Huang (Beijing Normal University), Bei Xu (Beijing Normal University), Yinan Xia (Beijing Normal University) 1201-1208
Effects of product failure severity and locus of causality on consumers’ brand evaluation PDF
Sujin Song (Korea University), Dan A. Sheinin (University of Rhode Island), Sukki Yoon (Bryant University) 1209-1222
Ethical leadership and whistleblowing: Collective moral potency and personal identification as mediators PDF
Fa-wang Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Jian-qiao Liao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Jin-ming Yuan (Guangzhou Branch of the People’s Bank of China) 1223-1232