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Volume 44 Issue 1

February 2016


Stimulating employees' feedback-seeking behavior: The role of participative decision making PDF
Xiaoyan Li (Jiangxi Normal University), Jing Qian (Beijing Normal University) 1-8
Family routine behaviors and meaningful rituals: A comparison between Italian and migrant couples PDF
Laura Migliorini (University of Genoa), Nadia Rania (University of Genoa), Tatiana Tassara (University of Genoa), Paola Cardinali (University of Genoa) 9-18
Developing a scale to measure total impression of synthetic house-tree-person drawings PDF
Daiki Kato (Kinjo Gakuin University), Mikie Suzuki (Kinjo Gakuin University) 19-28
Is green product purchasing an innovative or conspicuous behavior? PDF
Kyutae Park (Sogang University), Kyootai Lee (Sogang University) 29-44
Gender-based relationship between eating behavior and sense of coherence in Japanese young adults PDF
Masami Horiguchi (Sapporo Medical University), Gohichi Tanaka (Sapporo Medical University), Haruko Ogasawara (Hokkaido University), Ryoko Maruyama (Tohoku University) 45-58
Does customer value creation behavior drive customer well-being? PDF
Taeshik Gong (Hanyang University), Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University), Samantha Murdy (University of Strathclyde) 59-76
The holistic brand experience of branded mobile applications affects brand loyalty PDF
Junghyun Kim (Chung-Ang University), Eun Ah Yu (Chung-Ang University) 77-88
Stock market returns and suicide rates: Evidence from the United States PDF
Sujung Choi (Soongsil University) 89-102
Transformative learning: Postgraduate students' refections on a community engagement program in South Africa PDF
Serena Isaacs (University of the Western Cape), Jenny Rose (University of the Western Cape), Charl Davids (University of the Western Cape) 103-116
Online peer-to-peer lending decision making: Model development and testing PDF
Qingyao Wan (Shanghai Finance University), Dongyu Chen (Soochow University and Fuzhou University), Weihua Shi (University of Southern Mississippi) 117-130
Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Positive Empathy Scale among undergraduates PDF
Tong Yue (Southwest University), Jia Wei (Southwest University), Xiting Huang (Southwest University), Yuhan Jiang (Shandong Management University) 131-138
Vulgarity of the mass man as a predictor of defection PDF
Tsuyoshi Hatori (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Satoshi Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Yoshihiro Komatsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 139-160
Socialization content and adjustment outcome: A longitudinal study of Chinese employees beginning their career PDF
Yali Tan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Xianjun Shen (Central China Normal University) 161-176