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Volume 42 Issue 8

September 2014


The effects of participation in regular exercise on self-esteem and hopelessness of female university students PDF
Korkmaz Yigiter (Duzce University) 1233-1244
Application of a modified Internet shopper lifestyle scale to Taiwanese college-age sporting goods consumers PDF
Weisheng Chiu (Yonsei University), Hyung-Hoon Kim (Jungwon University), Young-ae Lee (Shinhan University), Doyeon Won (Yonsei University) 1245-1256
Adult attachment orientations and subjective well-being: Emotional intelligence and self-esteem as moderators PDF
Xu Li (South China Normal University and Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology), Xue Zheng (South China Normal University) 1257-1266
Mediating role of employee emotions in the relationship between authentic leadership and employee innovation PDF
Juanmei Zhou (Central South University), Yuera Ma (Central South University), Weibo Cheng (Central South University), Bing Xia (Central South University) 1267-1278
Teacher-caregivers' perceptions of toddlers' adaptation to a childcare center PDF
Yoo-Seon Bang (Konkuk University) 1279-1292
Effects of price discounts and bonus packs on online impulse buying PDF
Yin Xu (Central University of Finance and Economics), Jin-Song Huang (Beihang University) 1293-1302
High construal level reduces overoptimistic performance prediction PDF
Jin Yan (Zhejiang University), Songhui Hou (NetEase, Inc., Hangzhou), Alexander Unger (University of Applied Science Ludwigshafen) 1303-1314
Job satisfaction as a mediator in the relationship between performance appraisal and voice behavior PDF
Xu Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Bei Hu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Min Qiu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 1315-1324
Modulation of facial processing by identity information in a face similarity evaluation task PDF
Qiang Zhou (East China Normal University and Wenzhou Medical University), Xindong Ye (Wenzhou University), Danyang Liao (Wenzhou Medical University), Weidong Zhang (East China Normal University) 1325-1334
The effect of self-control resource on risk preference PDF
Xiang-Hui Yan (Zhejiang University) 1335-1344
The power of motivation-goal fit in predicting entrepreneurial persistence PDF
Haifeng Zhao (Tongji University), Sibin Wu (University of Texas-Pan American) 1345-1352
Spontaneous self-concept among Chinese undergraduates in Hong Kong PDF
Marie Lam (The University of Hong Kong), Godfrey Chan (The University of Hong Kong), Marcus M. Marcet (The University of Hong Kong), Wilfred Wong (The University of Hong Kong), James Wong (The University of Hong Kong), David Wong (The University of Hong Kong) 1353-1364
Charismatic leadership and organizational citizenship behavior: The mediating role of ethical climate PDF
Cemal Zehir (Yildiz Technical University), Büşra Müceldili (Gebze Institue of Techonology), Erkut Altındağ (Beykent University), Yasin Şehitoğlu (Gazi University), Songül Zehir (Gebze Institue of Techonology) 1365-1376
Early maladaptive schemas as predictors of interpersonal orientation and peer connectedness in university students PDF
Gyesook Yoo (Kyung Hee University), Ju Hee Park (Yonsei University), Hey Jung Jun (Yonsei University) 1377-1394
Relationships among social dominance orientation, social axioms, and values PDF
M. Ersin Kuşdil (Uludag University), Selinay Çağlar Akoğlu (Samsun Maternity and Children's Hospital, Samsun, Turkey) 1395-1408