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Volume 40 Issue 2

February 2012


Changes in monetary income for people aged seventy and over in Taiwan PDF
Hsiang Ping Wang (Hung Kuang University), Mei Lin Lee (Asia University), Chia Ching Lin (Hung Kuang University) 177-188
Effects on mood of activating the private versus the collective self PDF
Seung-A Annie Jin (Boston College) 189-194
Social media usage and work values: The example of Facebook in Taiwan PDF
Julia Ying-Chao Lin (Tainan University of Technology), Angelina Nhat Hanh Le (Nong Lam University and National Central University), Shadab Khalil (National Central University), Julian Ming-Sung Cheng (National Central University) 195-200
How do figures of speech, cue relatedness, and message involvement affect consumer attitude persistence? PDF
Jing Jiang (Renmin University of China), Xiaobo Tao (North China University of Technology) 201-202
Influences of perceived sport competence on physical activity enjoyment in early adolescents PDF
Stefano Scarpa (University of Padua), Alessandra Nart (University of Padua) 203-204
Prosocial moral reasoning and prosocial behavior among Turkish and Spanish adolescents PDF
Asiye Kumru (Abant Izzet Baysal University), Gustavo Carlo (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Maria V. Mestre (University of Valencia), Paula Samper (University of Valencia) 205-214
Development and validation of the Sports Fan Ethnocentrism Scale PDF
Anne Wan-Ling Hu (Formosa TV, Taipei), Olwen Bedford (Nanyang Technological University) 215-226
Loneliness and the development of social relationships in Malaysian university students PDF
Intan H. M. Hashim (Universiti Sains Malaysia), Siamak Khodarahimi (Eghlid Branch-Islamic Azad University) 227-238
Associations among impulsivity, aggression, and subthreshold depression in Chinese university students PDF
Yan Jie Yang (Harbin Medical University), Xiao Hui Qui (Harbin Medical University), Wang Lin (Harbin Medical University), Zheng Xue Qiao (Harbin Medical University), Xiu Xian Yang (Harbin Medical University), Hai Lian Sun (Harbin Medical University) 239-250
Social axioms and implicit attitudes about people with disabilities PDF
Lili Ma (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shuang Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mingjie Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jianxin Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 251-258
Adolescents and leisure activities: The impact of expectation and experience on service satisfaction PDF
Cheng-Hsui Chen (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Ya-Hui Chang (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology), Feng-Chun Fan (National Yunlin University of Science and Technology) 259-266
Health-related quality of life and antiretroviral therapy in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
Karl Peltzer (Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria and University of Limpopo) 267-282
Identifying the indicators attracting users to online question and answer discussion forums PDF
Shan Shan Cheng (National Central University), Eric Zhi Feng Liu (National Central University), Ruey S. Shieh (Kainan University) 283-292
Experiences of extra care housing residents aged fifty-five and over with home-based technology PDF
Hossein Matlabi (Tabriz University of Medical Sciences), Stuart G. Parker (University of Sheffield), Kevin McKee (Dalarna University and Dalarna Research Institute) 293-300
Leisure lifestyle and health-related quality of life of Taiwanese adults PDF
Ming-Ching Yang (National Chi Nan University), Jen-Son Cheng (National Chi Nan University), Shu-Wen Yu (Asia University) 301-318
Emotional expressivity, emotion regulation, and mood in college students: A cross-ethnic study PDF
Wei Lü (Shaanxi Normal University), Zhenhong Wang (Shaanxi Normal University) 319-330
Brand trust and affect in the luxury brand-customer relationship PDF
Younghee Song (Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies), Won-Moo Hur (Pukyong National University), Minsung Kim (Inha University) 331-338
A coming-out party for women: Empowerment through bridal photography PDF
Chyong-Ling Lin (Chung Yuan Christian University), Jin-Tsann Yeh (Vanung University), Pei-Chen Lan (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology) 339-352