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Volume 40 Issue 7

August 2012


Customer Lifetime Value: A review PDF
Wen Chang (Fudan University), Chen Chang (Jin-Wen University of Science and Technology), Qianpin Li (Edith Cowan University) 1057-1064
The effect of experiential providers on restaurant patronage decisions PDF
Yann-Jou Lin (National Taiwan University), Hsi-Lin (Wayne) Liu (National Taiwan University), Wan-Erh Chiang (Fu Jen Catholic) 1065-1066
Subcultural differences in Taiwanese and Burmese Chinese business negotiation styles PDF
Lieh Ching Chang (Hsuan Chuang University) 1067-1074
Leisure motivation: An integrative review PDF
Meiai Chen (Zhejiang University), Xuequan Pang (Zhejiang University) 1075-1082
Further evidence of the impact of cognitive complexity on the five-factor model PDF
Mark C. Bowler (East Carolina University), Jennifer L. Bowler (East Carolina University), John G. Cope (East Carolina University) 1083-1098
The sweet color of an implicit request: Women’s hair color and spontaneous helping behavior PDF
Nicolas Guéguen (University of South Brittany) 1099-1102
Cognitive dissonance theory and the certification examination: The role of responsibility PDF
Pi-Yueh Cheng (Tainan University of Technology), Ping-Kun Hsu (Tainan University of Technology) 1103-1112
Knowledge sharing and work performance: A network perspective PDF
Wei-Li Wu (Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology), Ryh-Song Yeh (Yuan Ze University), Hao-Kai Hung (Taipei College of Maritime Technology) 1113-1120
Where does perfectionism come from? A qualitative investigation of perfectionists and nonperfectionists PDF
David R. Hibbard (California State University, Chico), Gail E. Walton (California State University) 1121-1122
Stability and instability in the friendship networks of the Turkish white-collar class PDF
Cengiz Yanıklar (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University) 1123-1136
Relationships between social support cognition types and family resource management of Chinese migrant workers PDF
I-Jun Chen (Soochow University), Na Hu (Soochow University), Qiu Ju Zhang (Soochow University), Yan Gu (Soochow University) 1137-1146
Responses over time of child and adolescent survivors to the 2008 Wenchuan, China earthquake PDF
Li Han (Southwest University), Yan Zhang (Mianyang Normal University), Yong Zheng (Southwest University) 1147-1152
The relationship between personality traits and information competency in Korean and American students PDF
Hana Song (Sungkyunkwan University), Nahyun Kwon (Myongji University) 1153-1162
Young South African adults’ perceptions of parental psychological control and antisocial behavior PDF
Nicolette Vanessa Roman (University of the Western Cape), Anja Human (University of the Western Cape), Donavon Hiss (University of the Western Cape) 1163-1174
The implicit and explicit sense of belonging in migrant children in China PDF
Liuna Geng (Nanjing University), Wenjun Zhou (Nanjing University), Yiqing Hu (Nanjing University) 1175-1182
A comparison of probabilistic prize promotion schemes PDF
Rong Chen (Tsinghua University), Jinsong Huang (Beihang University), Song Su (Beijing Normal University), Feng He (University of Science and Technology Beijing) 1183-1194
Effects of collaborative expression using LEGO® blocks, on social skills and trust PDF
Daiki Kato (Kinjo Gakuin University), Kyoko Hattori (Ono Kokorono Clinic), Shiho Iwai (Akatsuki Children’s Home), Miyako Morita (Nagoya University) 1195-1200
The relationships among social capital, health promotion, and job satisfaction at hospitals in Taiwan PDF
Hui-Ting Huang (Taiwan Adventist Hospital), Chung-Hung Tsai (Tzu Chi College of Technology), Chia-Fen Wang (Taiwan Adventist Hospital) 1201-1212
Interpersonal rejection experiences and shame as predictors of susceptibility to peer pressure among Korean children PDF
Sae-Young Han (Chungbuk National University), Yeon-Hwa Kim (Chungbuk National University) 1213-1232