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Volume 40 Issue 4

May 2012


How need for cognition moderates the influence of country of origin and price on consumer perception of quality PDF
Shueh-Chin Ting (National University of Tainan) 529-544
The influence of collectivism and rater error on organizational citizenship and impression management behaviors PDF
Philsung Kim (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), Ji-Hwan Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) 545-556
Measurement of aging anxiety in Taiwan: An application of a multidimensional item response model PDF
Yu-Jing Gao (Fu Jen Catholic University) 557-566
The relationship between dichotomous thinking and music preferences among Japanese undergraduates PDF
Atsushi Oshio (Chubu University) 567-574
Cognitive and emotional correlates of different types of deception PDF
Kyu-Hee Jung (Chung-Ang University), Jang-Han Lee (Chung-Ang University) 575-584
The relationship between abuse within the family and social skills of Turkish senior primary school children PDF
Neslihan Durmusoglu-Saltali (Mevlana University) 585-590
A comparison of self-assessment and tutor assessment of undergraduate psychology students PDF
Wally Karnilowicz (Victoria University) 591-604
Alibi believability: The impact of salacious alibi activities PDF
Meredith Allison (Elon University), Kyla R. Mathews (Elon University), Stephen W. Michael (Elon University) 605-612
Acceptance of information technology and the Internet by people aged over fifty in Taiwan PDF
Kevin C. Tseng (Chang Gung University), Chien-Lung Hsu (Chang Gung University), Yu-Hao Chuang (National Central University) 613-622
Some factors in deviant behaviors of elementary school students in Taiwan and Japan PDF
Yi-Gean Chen (Chung Hwai University of Medical Technology), Jao-Nan Cheng (National Taitung University), Chung-Ming Liang (National Taitung University), Mikio Sato (Sendai University) 623-638
Understanding knowledge-sharing motivation, incentive mechanisms, and satisfaction in virtual communities PDF
Chia-Shen Chen (National Taiwan University), Shih-Feng Chang (National Taiwan University), Chih-Hsing Liu (National Taiwan University) 639-648
The mediating role of job feedback in the relationship between neuroticism and emotional labor PDF
Jian An Zhong (Zhejiang University), Zhong-Liang Cao (Zhejiang University), Yuanyuan Huo (City University of Hong Kong), Ziguang Chen (City University of Hong Kong), Wing Lam (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 649-656
School adjustment and internalizing problems in Chinese adolescents: Implications of social change PDF
Junsheng Liu (Shanghai Normal University), Ying Zhou (China Executive Leadership Academy), Dan Li (Shanghai Normal University) 657-666
Do women prefer “nice guys”? The effect of male dominance behavior on women’s ratings of sexual attractiveness PDF
Gorkan Ahmetoglu (Goldsmiths, University of London), Viren Swami (University of Westminster) 667-672
Effects of college students’ video-gaming behavior on self-concept clarity and flow PDF
Chiawen Lee (Argosy University), Kirk Damon Aiken (Eastern Washington University), Huang Chia Hung (National Taitung University) 673-680
Context and creativity: The theory of planned behavior as an alternative mechanism PDF
Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University) 681-692
Do consumers’ perceptions of price fairness differ according to type of firm ownership? PDF
Gang Huangfu (Beihang University), Liqi Zhu (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 693-698
Sport participation and self-esteem as mediated by perceived peer acceptance and sport self-concept in Taiwanese college students PDF
Wen-Ing Chen (Aletheia University), Chen-Yueh Chen (National Chung Cheng University), Yi-Hsiu Lin (Aletheia University), Tien-Tze Chen (Aletheia University) 699-704