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Volume 39 Issue 9

October 2011


Sociocontextual variables that affect spousal perception of social support PDF
Seval Guven (Hacettepe University), Arzu Sener (Hacettepe University), Betul Yildirim (Hacettepe University) 1153-1160
Coping strategies of primary school teachers in Taiwan experiencing stress because of teacher surplus PDF
Chih-Lun Hung (Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 1161-1174
“My avatar behaves well and this feels right”: Ideal and ought selves in video gaming PDF
Seung-A Annie Jin (Boston College) 1175-1182
Decision-making framework of customer perception of value in Taiwanese spa hotels PDF
Iuan-Yuan Lu (National Sun Yat-Sen University), Jerry Yuwen Shiu (Tajen University) 1183-1192
Development and validation of a short version of the Parental Authority Questionnaire PDF
Hussain Alkharusi (Sultan Qaboos University), Said Aldhafri (Sultan Qaboos University), Ali Kazem (Sultan Qaboos University), Abdulqawi Alzubiadi (Sultan Qaboos University), Muna Al-Bahrani (Sultan Qaboos University) 1193-1208
Testing a binding communication strategy in a company: How could persuasive information be more efficient? PDF
Isabelle Grandjean (Université Européenne de Bretagne and Université de Bretagne-Sud), Nicolas Guéguen (Université Européenne de Bretagne and Université de Bretagne-Sud) 1209-1216
The ineffectiveness of group interventions for female Turkish migrants with recurrent depression PDF
Walter Renner (University of Innsbruck and Private University of Health Sciences, Medical Informatics, and Technology at Hall), John W. Berry (Queen’s University) 1217-1234
The importance of the medical humanities among adolescents: Developing a Medical Humanities Questionnaire PDF
Ya-huei Wang (Chung-Shan Medical University) 1235-1244
Exploring the impacts of blog marketing on consumers PDF
I-Ping Chiang (National Taipei University), Chung-Hsien Hsieh (National Taipei University) 1245-1250
Predictors of future use of telehomecare health services by middle-aged people in Taiwan PDF
Chien-Lung Hsu (Chang Gung University), Kevin C. Tseng (Chang Gung University), Yu-Hao Chuang (National Central University) 1251-1262
Attitudes, behavioral intentions, and risk perceptions of fatigued pedestrians PDF
Tova Rosenbloom (Bar Ilan University), Ariela Beigel (Bar Ilan University), Ehud Eldror (Bar Ilan University) 1263-1270
Antecedents and moderators of online shopping behavior in undergraduate students PDF
Jun-Yi Hsieh (Taipei Municipal University of Education), Pei-Wen Liao (National Taiwan Normal University) 1271-1280
Social skills and emotional and behavioral traits of preschool children PDF
Emel Arslan (Selçuk University), Neslihan Durmusoglu-Saltali (Selçuk University), Hasan Yilmaz (Selçuk University) 1281-1288
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Quest Religious Orientation Scale PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University) 1289-1290
Analyzing characteristics of schizotypal personality proneness using the Chinese Soldier Personality Questionnaire PDF
Liu Liu (Fourth Military Medical University), Ying Zhang (Fourth Military Medical University), Shengjun Wu (Fourth Military Medical University), Yebing Yang (Fourth Military Medical University), Xia Zhu (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University) 1291-1296