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Volume 38 Issue 6

July 2010


A survey of Chinese university students’ perceptions of and attitudes towards homosexuality PDF
Hui Cao (Liaocheng University), Peng Wang (Shandong Normal University), Yuanyuan Gao (Shandong University) 721-728
The effect of customer value, customer satisfaction, and switching costs on customer loyalty: An empirical study of hypermarkets in Taiwan PDF
Ming-Tien Tsai (National Cheng Kung University), Chung-Lin Tsai (National Cheng Kung University and Chang Jung Christian University), Han-Chao Chang (National Applied Research Laboratories) 729-740
The associations among social support, stress, and life satisfaction as perceived by injured college athletes PDF
Romualdas Malinauskas (Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education) 741-752
The effect of different motivation factors on knowledge-sharing willingness and behavior PDF
Wen-Chung Liu (National Central University), Chen-Ling Fang (National Taipei University) 753-758
Cross-cultural approach to anxiety disorders PDF
William Eysenck (University of Manchester), Michael Eysenck (Royal Holloway University of London) 759-760
Sources of parent-adolescent conflict: Content and form of parenting PDF
Nadia Sorkhabi (San Jose State University and University of California) 761-782
Emotional intelligence and personality traits as predictors of psychological well-being in Spanish undergraduates PDF
Jose M. Augusto Landa (University of Jaén), Manuel Pulido Martos (University of Jaén), Esther Lopez-Zafra (University of Jaén) 783-794
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Straybirds Agricultural trainees in Taiwan PDF
Jiun-Hao Wang (National Taiwan University), Chiou-Lien Huang (National Taiwan University), Beatrice Knerr (University of Kassel) 795-804
How do groups react to unexpected threats? Crisis management in organizational teams PDF
Jin Nam Choi (Seoul National University), Sun Young Sung (Seoul National University), Myung Un Kim (Seoul National University) 805-828
Relationships among stressors, work-family conflict, and emotional exhaustion: A study of electronics industry employees in China PDF
Ming-Chu Yu (National University of Tainan), Yuan-Duen Lee (Chang Jung Christian University), Bin-Chuan Tsai (Chang Jung Christian University) 829-844
Health attributions and health care behavior interactions in a community sample PDF
Marta Gil-Lacruz (Zaragoza University), Ana Isabel Gil-Lacruz (Madrid Autonomous University) 845-858
The influence of social class salience on self-assessed intelligence PDF
Laura Kudrna (University of Westminster), Adrian Furnham (University College London), Viren Swami (University of Westminster, London, UK and Higher Education Learning Philosophy University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 859-864