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Volume 37 Issue 5

June 2009


Variable assessment of product benefits in consumer behavior using a means-end approach PDF
Chin-Feng Lin (National Pingtung Institute of Commerce), Hsin-Chung Huang (National Chin-Yi University of Technology) 577-582
An exploration of job stress among academic heads in Taiwanese universities PDF
Cheng-Ping Chang (Southern Taiwan University), Ya-Mei Tseng (Southern Taiwan University) 583-590
Exploring the construct validity of the Chinese version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-G PDF
Ru Shi (Fourth Military Medical University), Yebing Yang (Fourth Military Medical University) 591-600
Guilt versus shame: Distinguishing the two emotions from a Chinese perspective PDF
Zhimin Zou (Peking University), Dengfeng Wang (Peking University) 601-604
Employees’ organizational justice perceptions in Turkish schools PDF
Osman Titrek (Sakarya University) 605-620
An extension of financial cost and TAM model with IDT for exploring users’ behavioral intentions to use the CRM information system PDF
Feng-Cheng Tung (Kun Shan University), Ming Shing Lee (Far East University), Chih-Chung Chen (Aletheia University), Yao-Sheng Hsu (Diwan College of Management) 621-626
Male body image: The role of muscle magazine exposure, body mass index, and social comparison in men’s body satisfaction PDF
Peter K. Jonason (New Mexico State University), Marina Krcmar (Wake Forest University), Steve Sohn (University of Louisville) 627-630
Mathematics anxiety and mathematical self-concept: Considerations in preparing elementary-school teachers PDF
Mine Isiksal (Middle East Technical University), Joanne M. Curran (SUNY Oneonta College), Yusuf Koc (Indiana University Northwest), Cengiz S. Askun (Middle East Technical University) 631-644
Personality traits and personal and organizational inducements: Antecedents of workaholism PDF
Ying-Wen Liang (China University of Technology), Chen-Ming Chu (Chung Yuan Christian University) 645-660
The effect of attitudes towards the budgetary process on attitudes towards budgetary slack and behaviors to create budgetary slack PDF
Cheng-Li Huang (Tamkang University), Mien-Ling Chen (Tamkang University) 661-672
Associations between the religious beliefs and ethical-reasoning abilities of future accounting professionals PDF
Yi-Hui Ho (Chang Jung Christian University) 673-678
An examination of the relationship between teachers’ professional self-esteem and empathic skills PDF
Remziye Ceylan (Ahi Evran University), Mudriye Yildiz Bicakci (Ankara University), Figen Gursoy (Ankara University), Neriman Aral (Ankara University) 679-682
To be richer, to be more miserly? How purchase purpose and affluence moderate price perception PDF
Zonghuo Yu (Peking University), Dengfeng Wang (Peking University), Mike Bastin (China Agricultural University), Xiaojuan Tang (Nanchang Hangkong University) 683-686
The bride is keeping her name: A 35-year retrospective analysis of trends and correlates PDF
Richard E. Kopelman (Baruch College), Rita J. Shea-Van Fossen (Ramapo College of New Jersey), Eleftherios Paraskevas (London), Leanna Lawter (Sacred Heart University), David J. Prottas (Adelphi University) 687-700
Exploring facets of a social network to explicate the status of social support and its effects on stress PDF
Chia Hsun Lin (National Taichung Institute of Technology) 701-710
The relationship between self-compassion, self-efficacy, and control belief about learning in Turkish university students PDF
Murat Iskender (Sakarya University) 711-720