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Volume 37 Issue 4

May 2009


Forms of present time orientation and satisfaction with life in the context of attitudes toward past and future PDF
Malgorzata Sobol-Kwapinska (The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) 433-440
Efficacy of request presentation on compliance PDF
Aaron J. Vaughn (University of Vermont), Michael W. Firmin (Cedarville University), Chi-en Hwang (Cedarville University) 441-450
Personality traits and job performance in local government organizations in China PDF
Chunping Jiang (City University of Hong Kong), Dengfeng Wang (Department of Education), Fan Zhou (Zhejiang University) 451-458
The sources of work stress for Chinese high school teachers PDF
Peng Wang (Jiangxi Normal University and Shandong Normal University), Ping Lin (Shandong College of Electronic Technology), Hui Cao (Liaocheng University), Ting Jiao (Shandong Normal University), Yanli Xu (Shandong Normal University), Fengqiang Gao (Shandong Normal University), Life P. Mashumba (Shandong Normal University) 459-466
Burnout among Torgersen’s eight personality types PDF
Jacek Hochwalder (Karolinska Institute) 467-480
Measurement of the conjunction error in social judgment: Answer choice and answer justification PDF
Russell L. Knoth (University of New Hampshire), Victor A. Benassi (University of New Hampshire), Glenn Geher (State University of New York at New Paltz) 481-490
Anti-expressions: Artificial control stimuli for the visual properties of emotional facial expressions PDF
Wataru Sato (Kyoto University), Sakiko Yoshikawa (Kyoto University) 491-502
Perceptions of soccer players about leadership powers according to their level of play PDF
Erkut Konter (Dokuz Eylül University) 503-512
Competency identification of sales staff in the agricultural seed industry: Evidence from seed firms in China PDF
Aimin Yan (Central South University), Yulei Rao (Central South University), Cuimeng Liao (LongPing Hybrid Rice Seed Corporation), Chao Gao (Central South University) 513-524
The leadership competency modeling of military academy cadets PDF
Jian-quan Tian (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University), Yongyong Xu (Fourth Military Medical University), Yebing Yang (Fourth Military Medical University) 525-538
Self-concept and dangerous driving proclivity in male and female Israeli drivers PDF
Tova Rosenbloom (The Phoenix Road Safety Studies, Bar Ilan University, and Research Institute of Human Factors in Road Safety, Academic Studies), Adar Ben-Eliyahu (Research Institute of Human Factors in Road Safety, Academic Studies), Dan Nemrodov (Research Institute of Human Factors in Road Safety, Academic Studies) 539-544
Relationship between family structure variables and sexual identification as measured by the Draw-A-Person Test PDF
Fawzi S. Daoud (Al-Ahliyya Amman University), Wisam D. Breik (Al-Ahliyya Amman University) 545-554
Anger, self-esteem, and perceived social support in adolescence PDF
Coskun Arslan (Selcuk University) 555-564
The effects of an emotional intelligence skills training program on the consistent anger levels of Turkish university students PDF
Muge Yilmaz (Ondokuz Mayis University) 565-576