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Volume 36 Issue 7

August 2008


The relations between expatriate management and the mentality and adjustment of expatriates PDF
I-Ming Wang (Chang Jung Christian University) 865-882
Cultural values and cognitive moral development of accounting ethics: A cross-cultural study PDF
Yi-Hui Ho (Chang Jung Christian University), Chieh-Yu Lin (Chang Jung Christian University) 883-892
Evaluation of body language behavior in a class debate PDF
Rustu Yesil (Ahi Evran University) 893-902
The relationship between prospective teachers’ strategies for coping with stress and their perceptions of student control PDF
Nuri Baloglu (Ahi Evran University) 903-910
A contribution to the validation of the Physical Activity Enjoyment Scale in an Italian sample PDF
Attilio Carraro (University of Padua and SSIS of Veneto), Maria Christina Young (SIS of Veneto), Claudio Robazza (University of Chiati) 911-918
The relationship between locus of control and mental health status among baccalaureate nursing students in Turkey PDF
Ozgul Karayurt (Dokuz Eylül University), Aklime Dicle (Dokuz Eylül University) 919-930
The translation equivalence of the Effort Scale between Chinese and Portuguese travel agents PDF
Yi-Jung Chen (National Kaoshiung University of Applied Science), Pei-Wen Huang (Southern University) 931-932
Social value orientation and information level in selling prices PDF
Chien-Huang Lin (National Central University), Hung-Ming Lin (Minghsin University of Science and Technology), Ai-Ling Hung (National Central University) 933-940
Interrelations of gender schemas in children and adolescents: Attitudes, preferences, and self-perceptions PDF
Margaret L. Signorella (Pennsylvania State University), Irene Hanson Frieze (University of Pittsburgh) 941-954
Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the Children’s Self-Report Social Skills Scale PDF
Basaran Gencdogan (Atatürk University) 955-964
Opinions of midwifery students on adolescent sexuality and reproductive health in Turkey PDF
Emel Ege (Selçuk University), Belgin Akin (Selçuk University), Kamile Altuntug (Selçuk University) 965-972
Adolescent self-esteem, problem behaviors, and perceived social support in Turkey PDF
Digdem Muge Siyez (Dokuz Eylül University) 973-984
Passive event-related potentials by a single tone in personality disorders PDF
Yuedi Shen (Zhejiang University and Hangzhou Normal University), Meifang Zhu (Zhejiang University), Diachun Wang (University of Heilongjiang), Chundong Hao (University of Heilongjiang), Jinyao Ma (Shandong University), Yongfu Cao (Shandong University), Ming Cao (Capital Normal University), W. John Livesley (University of British Columbia), Kerry L. Jang (University of British Columbia), Wei Chen (Zhejiang University), Mowei Shen (Zhejiang University), Baihua Xu (Zhejiang University), Wei Wang (Zhejiang University) 985-998
Medical students’ gender-specific examination performance PDF
Selcuk Mistik (Erciyes University) 999-1008