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Volume 35 Issue 8

September 2007


An investigation of the influences of job autonomy and neuroticism on job stressor-strain relations PDF
Wei-Tao Tai (Chihlee Institute of Technology), Shih-Chen Liu (University of La Verne) 1007-1020
Submissive behaviors and automatic negative thoughts among adolescent boys and girls: A study with a Turkish sample PDF
Hatice Odaci (Karadeniz Technical University) 1021-1026
Early 20th century social ecology of U.S. State IQ and suicide rates: Evidence from the army Alpha and Beta Intelligence Test Data of Yerkes (1921) PDF
Martin Voracek (University of Vienna) 1027-1030
Tourism behavior toward disasters: A cross-cultural comparison PDF
Jennifer C. H. Min (Hsing Wu College) 1031-1032
A research note of Online Bidders’ Conformity PDF
Chun-Hung Huang (Ming Chuan University), Jennifer C. H. Min (Hsing Wu College) 1033-1034
Conflict, conflict management, and performance in ERP teams PDF
Huey-Wen Chou (National Central University), Ying-Jung Yeh (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 1035-1048
The Interaction with Disabled Persons Scale: A validation with UK midwives PDF
Akhtar H. Wallymahmed (Liverpool John Moores University), Stella F. McKay-Moffat (Edge Hill College of Higher Education), Cliff C. Cunningham (Liverpool John Moores University) 1049-1060
Latent class analysis of risk behaviors among Bahamian young adolescents: Relationship between values prioritization and latent class PDF
Matthew Cole (Lawrence Technological University), Bonita Stanton (Wayne State University), Linette Deveaux (Ministry of Health), Carole Harris (West Virginia University), Sonya Lunn (Ministry of Health), Lesley Cottrell (West Virginia University), Rebecca Clemens (Wayne State University), Xiaoming Li (Wayne State University), Sharon Marshall (Wayne State University), Rosa Mae Baine (Ministry of Health) 1061-1076
The personality types of Chinese dental postgraduate students PDF
Shengjun Wu (Fourth Military Medical University), Danmin Miao (Fourth Military Medical University), Xia Zhu (Fourth Military Medical University), Jie Liang (Fourth Military Medical University), Xufeng Liu (Fourth Military Medical University), Zhengxue Luo (Fourth Military Medical University), Wei Wang (Fourth Military Medical University) 1077-1086
Coping flexibility and locus of control as predictors of burnout among Chinese college students PDF
Yiqun Gan (Peking University), Jiayin Shang (Peking University), Yiling Zhang (University of Hawaii) 1087-1098
Differentiating reactive and suspicious jealousy PDF
Robert J. Rydell (University of California), Robert G. Bringle (Indiana University-Purdue University) 1099-1114
Beliefs and attitudes about transracial adoption among a sample of South African students PDF
Aziza Moos (University of the Western Cape), Kelvin Mwaba (University of the Western Cape) 1115-1120
The moderation effect of HR strength on the relationship between employee commitment and job performance PDF
Shyh-jer Chen (National Sun Yat-sen University), Pei-Fen Lin (National Cheng Kung University), Chia-mei Lu (Tainan University of Technology), Chiung-Wen Tsao (National Sun Yat-sen University) 1121-1138
Mini-max model of motivation: An initial presentation PDF
Darhl M. Pedersen (Brigham Young University) 1139-1148
Burnout in European general practice and family medicine PDF
Jean Karl Soler (The Family Practice, Malta), Hakan Yaman (Akdeniz University), Magdalena Esteva (Majorca Primary Care Health District Department) 1149-1150