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Volume 35 Issue 7

August 2007


Promotional frames and consumer decision making: It’s what you offer and how you offer it PDF
Margaret H. Rucker (University of California), Shih-Lei Du (University of California) 861-862
Emotion elicitation effect of films in a Japanese sample PDF
Wataru Sato (Kyoto University), Motoko Noguchi (Kyoto University), Sakiko Yoshikawa (Kyoto University) 863-874
The social psychology of creativity and innovation: Process theory (PT) perspective PDF
Li-Min Chuang (Chang Jung Christian University) 875-888
Thinking about the future: A psychological analysis PDF
Bruce E. Tonn (University of Tennessee), Fred Conrad (University of Michigan) 889-902
An examination of the correlation between depression and hopelessness levels in mothers of disabled children PDF
Remziye Ceylan (Gazi University), Neriman Aral (Ankara University) 903-908
Young people with visual impairments in difficult situations PDF
Joanna Konarska (Pedagogical Academy) 909-918
Students’ well-being, coping, academic success, and school climate PDF
Viive-Riina Ruus (Tallinn University), Marika Veisson (Tallinn University), Mare Leino (Tallinn University), Loone Ots (Tallinn University), Linda Pallas (Tallinn University), Ene-Silvia Sarv (Tallinn University), Anneli Veisson (Tallinn University) 919-936
Threats to identity, self-esteem and intergroup discrimination PDF
John A. Hunter (University of Otago), Kerry O'Brien (University of Wollongong), Maurice Stringer (University of Ulster) 937-942
Situation-related changes of causal structures and the stress model in Japanese college students PDF
Kazufumi Omura (Yamagata University) 943-960
Preventing piracy use intention by rectifying self-positivity bias PDF
Mengkuan Lai (National Cheng Kung University), Chung-Chi Kuo (National Cheng Kung University) 961-974
The relationships between aggressiveness, peer pressure and parental attitudes among Turkish high school students PDF
Jale Eldelekioglu (Uludag University) 975-986
Factors influencing students’ success: A generalized estimating equations study PDF
Fezan Sahin (Osmangazi University), Unal Ayranci (Osmangazi University), Setenay Oner (Osmangazi University), Canan Demirustu (Osmangazi University), Cengiz Bal (Osmangazi University), Ertugrul Colak (Osmangazi University), Cinar Yenilmez (Osmangazi University), Kazim Ozdamar (Osmangazi University), Gulten Seber (Osmangazi University) 987-996
Harmonious passion and obsessive passion in playing online games PDF
Chih-Chien Wang (National Taipei University), Yi-Shiu Chu (National Taipei University) 997-1006