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Volume 34 Issue 4

May 2006


Self-discrepancies and negative affect: The moderating roles of private and public self-consciousness PDF
Paul M. Fromson (Elon University) 333-350
The Children's Depression Inventory as a reliable measure for post-Iraqi invasion Kuwaiti youth PDF
Eisa M. Al-Balhan (Kuwait University) 351-366
An investigation of adjustment levels of Turkish university students with respect to perceived communication skill levels PDF
Aydogan Aykut Ceyhan (Anadolu University) 367-380
Personality and students' academic achievement: Interactive effects of conscientiousness and agreeableness on students' performance in principles of economics PDF
Mohammed S. Chowdhury (Monroe College), Mohammed N. Amin (West Virginia University Institute of Technology) 381-388
Not all jobs are suitable for fat people: Experimental evidence of a link between being fat and "out-of-sight" jobs PDF
Beatrice Venturini (Padova University), Luigi Castelli (Padova University), Silvia Tomelleri (Padova Univeristy) 389-398
Children's behavioral problems in kindergarten: Impact of time of day and activity type PDF
Rashed A. Al-Sahel (Kuwait University) 399-412
The status of self-control and its relation to drug abuse-related behaviors among Iranian male high school students PDF
Hamid Allahverdipour (University of Tarbiat Modares and Medical Sciences University of Hamadan), Alireza Hidarnia (University of Tarbiat Modares), Anoushiravan Kazamnegad (University of Tarbiat Modares), Froug Shafii (Medical Sciences University of Tehran), Parviz Azad Fallah (University of Tarbiat Modares), Azita Emami (Karolinska Institute) 413-424
Internal consistency of an Arabic adaptation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II with college students in eighteen Arab countries PDF
Bader M. Alansari (Kuwait University) 425-430
Situated empathy: Variations associated with target gender across situations PDF
Sara Staats (The Ohio State University at Newark), Lori Long (The Ohio State University at Newark), Katarzyna Manulik (The Ohio State University at Newark), Patty Kelley (The Ohio State University at Newark) 431-442
Development and validation of a revised measure of Adlerian social interest PDF
Gary K. Leak (Creighton University) 443-450
Parent-adolescent relationships and adolescent sexuality: Closeness, communication, and comfort among diverse U.S. adolescent samples PDF
Cheryl L. Somers (Wayne State University), Whitney L. Vollmar (Utica Community Schools) 451-460