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Volume 5 Issue 1

February 1977


The effect of role-taking training on role-taking and social behaviors in young children PDF
Margaret O'Conner (Children's Memorial Hospital) 1-12
Effects of ingratiation, touch and use of name on evaluation of job applicants and interviewers PDF
Richard Staneski (Claremont Graduate School), Chris L. Kleinke (Wheaton College), Frederick Meeker (California State Polytechnic University) 13-20
Reactions when the honesty or dishonesty of the other bargainer is discovered PDF
Jerome M. Chertkoff (Indiana University), Steven Sherman (Indiana University), Amnon Till (Indiana University), Gordon Hammerle (Indiana University) 21-32
Asking a child for help PDF
Peter Druian (University of Virginia), Bella M. De Paulo (Grinnell College) 33-40
The effect of situational demands on judgments of freedom and responsibility PDF
S. Mark Pancer (University of Saskatchewan) 41-48
Gaze and distance as a function of changes in interpersonal gaze PDF
Frank W. Schneider (University of Windsor), Christine Hansvick (University of Windsor) 49-54
Changing the self-concepts of seven-year-old deprived urban children by creative drama or video-feedback PDF
Grant Noble (Trinity College, Dublin), Paul Egan (Trinity College, Dublin), Sandra McDowell (Trinity College, Dublin) 55-64
Effects of congruence-incongruence between locus of control and field dependence on interpersonal behavior PDF
Amy Ehrlich (State University of New York at Oswego), Andrew Broughton (State University of New York at Oswego), Glen Vaught (State University of New York at Oswego) 65-72
Some effects of asymmetry of rewards on productivity in simulated industrial groups PDF
James O. Ogunlade (University of Lagos) 73-80
Group salience and stereotyping PDF
Jack McKillip (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Anthony DiMiceli (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), Jerry Luebke (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) 81-86
An exploratory study of Witkin's Dimension in relation to social class, personality factors and Piagetian Tests PDF
P. A. S. Ghuman (University College of Wales) 87-92
Social psychology: A functional approach to recreation PDF
David L. Groves (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Harvey Kahalas (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), T. D. Bonham (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 93-112
A probabilistic model of attribution applied to an achievement situation PDF
Valerie A. Valle (University of Pittsburgh), Ronald Valle (University of Pittsburgh) 113-124
The relationship of authoritarianism and behavior modeling in prospective teachers PDF
Ann Candler (University of Houston), Gay Goodman (University of Houston) 125-130
Attitude, desire, and frequency of extramarital involvement as correlated with subject characteristics PDF
Sharon Andrus (University of Houston), David L. Redfering (The University of West Florida), Jerry Oglesby (University of West Florida) 131-136
Perceived intelligence in married partners PDF
Roger C. Bailey (East Tennessee State University), Gwynn Mettetal (East Tennessee State University) 137-142
Deindividuation: Causes and consequences PDF
Edward Diener (University of Illinois) 143-156
Personality and delinquency: A multivariate examination Of Eysenck's Theory with Scottish delinquent and non-delinquent boys PDF
A. Russell Forrest (Scottish List D Schools) 157-168
Comments on personality and delinquency PDF
H. J. Eysenck (Institute of Psychiatry) 169-170
Intelligence and opinion change through active participation as a function of requirements for improvisation and time of opinion measurement PDF
William A. Watts (University of California, Berkeley) 171-176
The empirical study of signature size PDF
Richard L. Zweigenhaft (Guilford College) 177-186
The effect of modeling and length of ownership on sharing behavior of children PDF
Joseph R. Canale (University of Tennessee) 187-192