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Volume 30 Issue 8

December 2002


Criteria used to categorize children's play: Preliminary findings PDF
Vickii B. Jenvey (Monash University), Heidi L. Jenvey (Monash University) 733-740
How is the protestant work ethic related to the need for cognition? A factor analytic answer PDF
Andrew N. Christopher (Albion College), Jason R. Jones (University of Delaware) 741-750
Predictors of hand-washing behavior PDF
Donald Edwards (Old Dominion University), Elizabeth Monk-Turner (Old Dominion University), Steve Poorman (Old Dominion University), Maria Rushing (Old Dominion University), Stephen Warren (Old Dominion University), Jarita Willie (Old Dominion University) 751-756
Zuckerman-Kuhlman's Personality Questionnaire in patients with major depression PDF
Wei Wang (Anhui Provincial Hospital), Shouzengh Zhu (Anhui Provincial Hospital), Yehan Wang (Anhui Medical University), Ming Cao (Capital Normal University), Jianhua Gu (Hefei Psychiatric Hospital), Jianhui Liu (Anhui Medical University) 757-764
Differential encoding of the two fundamental ethical standards PDF
Ming Singer (University of Canterbury), Alexander MacKenzie (University of Canterbury) 765-772
Relative constancy of personality characteristics and efficacy of a 12-month training program in facilitating coping strategies PDF
Torsten Norlander (Karlstad University), Henrik Bergman (Karlstad University), Trevor Archer (Göteborg University) 773-784
Effects of behavior settings, extradyadic behaviors and interloper characteristics on romantic jealousy PDF
William D. Marelich (California State University) 785-794
Experimental raising or lowering of testosterone level affects mood in normal men and women PDF
James M. Dabbs, Jr. (Georgia State University), Anthony E. Karpas (Institute of Endocrinology, Atlanta), Natalia Dyomina (Georgia State University), Jennifer Juechter (Georgia State University), Amanda Roberts (Georgia State University) 795-806
Neuroticism and "special treatment" in university examinations PDF
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (University College London), Adrian Furnham (University College London) 807-812
A cross-sectional examination of levels of moral reasoning in a sample of Kuwait university faculty members PDF
Ali J. Al-Shehab (Kuwait University) 813-820
The Self-Reflection and Insight Scale: A new measure of private self-consciousness PDF
Anthony M. Grant (University of Sydney), John Franklin (Macquarie University), Peter Langford (Macquarie University) 821-836